Yocaher Blank/Checker Complete Pintail Longboard

Yocaher Blank/Checker Cover image

So back in 2021, when I first got my hands on the Yocaher Pintail longboard, looking at it I thought I was going to regret the purchase. The board was overall fine but it was too flat for my liking.

Overview- Performance

When it comes to longboards, concavity is one of the key things to look at.  So I gave it a test run, and it was a pretty fine ride.  I do think single concavity would have been perfect for more control and slight speed boost however a beginner will not feel any difference without the concave. 

The flat surface surprisingly give quite a good balance. It is a decent choice for pure and calm riding,  nothing fancy that gets anyone a room in the hospital,  right?  Safety comes first.

My mom who is over 170 lbs decided she wants to ride the longboard.  I was pretty scared, what if it breaks? What if the wheels or bearings come off?

She took a round around the street and she found the ride really smooth. The board didn’t bend a lot and nothing came off. To be safe,  I would recommend that if you weigh 160 lbs or below,  it is a perfect choice. For over 160 lbs,  it might not be a good choice.

Moreover, wheels and trucks have a good size which nearly leave no room for failure of balance.

wheels stiffness test

When it comes to digital graphics, I am very particular about my design. It has to be clean yet pleasing to the eye. The variety of designs this longboard had was quite amazing. I could choose from regular colours to crazy skater designs.

Another big thing I want to mention is how blank graphics give you the freedom to draw. I loved that part. Now my board has a background graphic design with my drawings on top.  So cool!

So do I regret the decision?  Absolutely not. I would say this board does the job it had to perform.

Grip tape- does it fade away?

As the name suggests, grip tape provides maximum traction while riding. When I received the longboard I noticed the grip tape was glued nicely to the board and surprisingly there were no air bubbles trapped inside which was a serious problem I faced in early days when I had a downhill maple longboard.

grip tape durability check

However, after a few rides, the black tape started to fade away and it is now peeling off a little from the sides. I think the tape requires a little quality improvement but that isn’t the end of the world since it’s only 49.95$ and easily replaceable.

Moreover,  it is performing its function very successfully.  The traction is enough for me to perform stunts whenever I want.

Pintail – is it an ideal choice?

This longboard has a pintail which is ideal for me honestly.  It has a really cool look to it and I casually keep it with me  for a little bit of style. A match truly made in heaven,  right? 

As I prefer cruising and carving on land with a speed under 25 mph, this pintail longboard really makes it feel like I am surfing on land.

However do note pintail might not be a perfect choice for someone who likes riding on the hills at faster speed for a longer period of time.  A drop-through longboard is the right answer.

But guess what’s the best part, this pintail longboard is a great intro board. One of my friends who doesn’t have a background in skateboarding easily cruised around the 3 streets without help. Isn’t it amazing?

Yocaher Blank board deck quality check

Lastly,  as much as I appreciate the pintail in my longboard,  I had a difficult time achieving stability with it. What helped me overcome this problem was the large space it provides in the centre which helped me stand with balance.

Trucks, bearings and wheels – the quality?

I have had the similar issue with almost all the long boards I own.  The companies make the best quality decks,  grip tapes and overall design but when it comes to the hardware,  they forget about the quality.

With the kind of experience I had before, I was expecting similar quality,  but guess what? 

This time the wheels and the trucks were in a much better condition, I had to loosen the wheels a bit for a good spin and the trucks needed some adjustments too however, bearings lacked quality again. I am happy that they were quite easily removed and replaced. Which isn’t always the case with other longboards.

Analysis of truck & bearings


Riser pads inserted between the trucks and deck were slightly disappointing.  The material was elastic rubber and only added a half inch to the board’s height.

It would have been ideal if the quality was not compromised. But the risers absorb the shocks nicely and when I tightened them, the ride became quite smooth.

Comparison between Yocaher pintail longboard with The Super Cruiser 36:

I noticed a few differences which I would like to address here between the two long boards.  Firstly,  the super cruiser 36 gave me the smoothest rides for years. Which in Yocaher pintail longboard,  I feel is a bit lacking. The rides feel fine but improvement can be made.

The Yocaher longboard has a sturdy yet flexible deck. And even though so many heavier people did a ride on it.  It didn’t break.  With the Super cruiser 36 longboard, the cracks on the deck appeared real quick even though I was the only one who cruised on it.

Lastly,  I loved the simplicity of design in Super cruise 36 more because the feel of wood is great. With Yocaher Longboard, the graphics cover the whole board which can be sometimes weird however the graphics are trendy and provide a room for creativity.

Both these longboards are individually great and beginners friendly with different limitations however the new Yocaher pintail longboard is more affordable. Now the choice is yours.


The longboard is sturdy and has a clean body structure.  It is made of Canadian maple,  which is very robust and a great material for longboarding.

Even though the deck wood is thick, heavy and has a lot of bounce and I am only 140 lbs,  I sometimes felt it might snap. However, I have been using it for over 2 years now and it didn’t.

Value for money:

It took me only a minute to calculate the answer and yes,  it’s totally worth the money.  I got the black widow premium 80A for only 57.9 $. It does require some quality improvement like the bearings or the grip tape. Yet, it performs quite perfectly.

I had a budget of 60$ for the longboard, and as I was looking around shopping with my friend, the prices for the most low-quality boards were even outrageous. Luckily I found this longboard and it has been my true friend since 2021.

I do wish it had a low-constructed deck,  however,  I shouldn’t be ungrateful.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Not professional quality
  • Quality requires improvement
  • Black Widow Griptape
  • Decent choice for Beginners
  • Multiple graphic designs to choose from
  • Reasonable price