VOLADOR Freeride Longboard – Hands on Review (42 inch)

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I have always been a longboarding enthusiast, I started it when I was very young. Weighing 200 pounds, I was always discouraged by my peers, but that did not stop me. When I heard about the hype of the VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard, I knew I had to get it. VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser was the third longboard that I got.

Its affordability, beautiful designs, high-end features, and the claim that it is suitable for people who weigh 250lbs attracted me. I was not going to use it for professional purposes but for commuting from home to school, which is like 3KMs, and sometimes to go longboarding with my friends. Everything sounded good to me. So, finally, I got my hands on VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser.

After using it for a year every other day, here is my review of the VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser and how it made my life easier and more fun.


To begin with, I found the VOLADOR longboard Complete Cruiser very sound in terms of stability. I was able to ride comfortably for hours. It has a 42-inch long and 9 inches broad flex deck. The center of gravity is low, making the board very stable. The deck is pretty to look at, and the shape is concave. The material used is 8-ply hard rock maple, which held my weight of 200lbs easily.

The board also has a good grip because of its grip tape. It kept my feet steady and in place. It is a good choice for a newbie who is not a pro at balancing. The design is lightweight, and I carried it in one hand without much trouble.

I rode on my longboard on bumpy roads with cracks, gravel, and rocks. It is safe to say that this longboard gives a smooth experience and is durable in all situations. The board has kick tails at both ends, I tried them, and everything seems good.

Smooth turning for cruising.

After testing it in different locations, the feature that I found most impressive was its turning. I took some steep turns at the maximum speed without pushing again. The trucks come at a 45-degree angle and can be adjusted to 50 degrees. Initially, I was thinking to adjust it to 50 degrees, so it carves better. After a while, I got used to carving and cruising with the default 45 degrees. I found it more responsive than the VOLADOR 40inch Maple Cruiser that I was using before.

Bearings are not the best thing in this longboard, but they are not too bad as well, I had to replace them after two months of constant and rough use.

Big wheels for speedy ride.

I like the 70x51mm 78A PU wheels, they are not extremely soft and give a satisfactory ride quality and speed. They are big enough to move past the bumps in the roads. I especially liked their performance when I tested them on the hillside. I had to loosen the nuts on the wheels a little bit when I got the longboard as it was halting, and the problem was resolved.

I found the speed good too. A few strokes on the ground and the longboard can move up to the speed of 22 miles per hour. You can go easily for 10 yards before having to push your foot on the ground again. Very suitable longboard for cruising and commuting around the city while enjoying the breeze.

  • Very affordable and inexpensive with high end features so great value for money
  • Comes in variety of designs and colors so wide range to choose from
  •  Good grip and stability therefore a good choice for beginners
  •  Very responsive and turns very smoothly
  • Durable
  •  Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Good for heavy people as the board is strong
  • Wheels are white and get dirty immediately but its not difficult to clean them
  • Since it turns easily, the deck tilts a little, I tighten the trucks and it was good to go.
  • The bearings as mentioned before are not the best but when the longboard itself is so inexpensive, it’s not a bad deal.
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volador freeride 42inch
volador longboard review

VOLADOR 40inch VS VOLADOR 42inch

I have used VOLADOR 40inch Maple Cruiser and Kryptonics longboards before this one, all three of them are in the same price range. The VOLADOR 40inch Maple Cruiser has the same design as VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Complete Cruiser. There are some advanced engineering features in the Complete Cruiser, it is more purpose-built with greater stability and improved push efficiency. With my experience, I found that VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Complete Cruiser has a better grip on the road and provides more effortless turns. Other than that, the wheels and bearings are almost the same.

Kryptonics 36inch VS VOLADOR 42inch

With Kryptonics 36inch longboard, I experienced that the board is weaker than that of VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Complete Cruiser. Being a heavy person that’s the first thing I noticed that this one carries me better. The ride is also smoother with VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Complete Cruiser. Obviously, there are design differences, but that is what I experienced as a user.

What makes it stand out….

My review of VOLADOR 42 inch cruiser after testing it on all types of roads has been nothing less than thrilling. I believe its good value for money with beautiful aesthetics and careful engineering. Its for you if you are a beginner who has not done this before, and you will not be disappointed even if you are a pro. According to my experience, it is a decent choice for all and here is why

  • Cute designs
  • Strong grip of wheels on the road plus point for beginners
  • Effortless turns and flex deck make carving so much fun
  • Spacious, strong, and durable deck
  • Good shoes grip on the board again ideal for beginners
  • Goes well on all kind of roads because of its wheel design

The few critics remarks that I will give this longboard are:

  • There are few adjustments that need to be made like loosening the nuts of wheels a little and tightening the trucks.
  • Medium quality bearings

I have been riding it for quite a while now and I’m not planning to switch anytime soon, that is how much I like this product. All in all, this I can say for 60 something bucks it is worth buying.