Top 10 Electric Skateboards

We are living in the golden age of strides that have transformed our day-to-day operations. Electric skateboards are no exception. We know you’ve been having fun with skateboards for short trips, but electric boards have taken this thrill to the next level. But hold on! Finding the ideal piece is not everyone’s cup of tea. Keeping in mind speed, design, and durability, we went on a hunt to discover the best in their game. 

For your convenience, I have gathered a list of the top ten electric skateboards in this article. I have tested and tried them for six months, so I turned every stone to see where they stood. Let’s get started on the list.

Top Picks:

Wowgo 2s Max
For beginners and Intermediate players
28 miles/hr speed 
A bit expensive
Wowgo 2s Max
Boosted Mini s
Portable enough to carry around
Good acceleration pattern
Not wide feet friendly
Boosted Mini s
Backfire Era 2
Portable and lightweight
Premium quality deck with good responsiveness
No replaceable wheels option
Backfire Era 2

1. Wowgo 2s Max

Wowgo 2s Max, Best For beginners and intermediate players

Wowgo 2S Max is a great choice for beginners and intermediate players. The interface is quite easily understandable, with aesthetics that visually please the eye. This model lies a bit on the expensive side; however, overall, it’s a perfect ride buddy for commuting and cruising around.

The deck gives quite enough space for your feet to stand on. It’s around 38″×8.8″ inches with a slight flex. For entry level players, the return force is manageable. In terms of the material of the deck, Wowgo has used 8 layers of Canadian maple, bamboo, and fiberglass, which has made it fairly sturdy. 

Is Wowgo 2s Max built for off roading? 

I once missed a turn and went off-roading to avoid a massive fall with my 105-millimeter wheels. To be honest, these wheels are not made for off-roading. Even though I was on compact dirt and grass, I was able to get over all the obstacles, but it wasn’t really the most comfortable 2 minutes of my ride. 

To conclude, there isn’t anything bad about the Wowgo 2s Max. If I were to compare it with my last most used Meepo V4, I would prefer the 2s Max more now for it’s 28 miles/hr speed and good throttle control.


Let’s compare the two models Wowgo has come up with recently. 

FeaturesWowgo 2s ProWowgo 2s Max
PriceBudget FriendlyOn the expensive side
Flex and BounceOn softer sideStiffer
Brake strengthGoodExcellent
Wheel OptionOnly one90mm/105mm
Wowgo 2s Pro vs Wowgo 2s Max
  • Beginners and intermediate players:  For entry level players, this e board is a good choice. It’s brakes work perfectly well and make you feel safe riding the board. 
  • Riders looking for shock absorption:  The previous 2S Pro version didn’t have the shock absorption feature. However, this model has a grip tape that dampens road vibration well. 
  • People looking for wheel options: The company allows a rider to choose between two options: 
  • 90mm 78A polyurethane wheels
  • 105mm 78A Honeycomb terrain wheels
  • Off-Road Boarding: If you are looking for an e board ideal for off roading, go for a board with pneumatic tire compatibility, which this one doesn’t have.
Wowgo 2s Max
Wowgo 2s Max Deck
Wowgo 2s Max Truck
Wowgo 2s Max, wheels

2. WowGo 3E

most comfortable and Reliable

This belt-driven E-board is quite an affordable model compared to its previous series. It has been designed for entry level players with its great power setup, delivering manageable rides. Work can be done on the limited range issue, but all in all, it’s a great choice.

With its deck made out of Canadian maple, bamboo, and fiberglass, it contributes to making rides more comfortable. 

The flex is just sufficient. I haven’t felt overly bouncy once during my rides. 

This board comes equipped with 90mm polyurethane wheels, which till now can handle any road situation I come across during rides. They grip the road quite well, and so far, I have never felt unsafe carving at higher speeds. 

Surprisingly, the acceleration and power felt great for a belt driven board, even when my friend, around 250 lbs and 6’5″, took this uphill. 

  • People looking for shock absorption and bash guards: Most of the long boards don’t come with damping tape. However, this model’s main selling point is its great shock absorption with bash guards that help protect the deck from wear and tear. 
  • People looking for a handle: 
  • It comes with a pick up handle integrated into the board, which comes in handy to me if I am on public transport.
  • People looking for low maintenance:
  • I have not cleaned my Wowgo 3E in the last three months, aside from its belts.
  • People looking for a premium look: 
  • I found some paint chipped off the underside, which makes it look a little less premium.
WowGo 3E
wowgo 3E Deck
wowgo 3E Truck
wowgo 3E Wheels

3. Maxfind Max 4 Pro

158 W battery and 17 miles range

While searching for good beginner-friendly E boards, this one caught my eye for its power regenerating brakes and Ip65. However, it may not be an ideal choice for areas where it rains a lot due to its limited waterproofing.

Performing my benchmark tests, I was able to achieve almost 24 KMH using the regular PU wheel. Whereas with cloud wheels, even on a rainy day, I was successfully able to accomplish a 25 MPH target while I was in Belgium. 

In terms of battery, Maxfind has outperformed this time.  Its 4.4 Ah, 158 W battery gave me a 17 miles range on a single charge on a test ride. Personally speaking, I found Maxfind Max 4 Pro’s battery life better than the other models I have tried yet. 

Lastly, this design is lightweight and portable, with a split deck design. It’s IP65 waterproof rating may not be suitable for heavy rain; otherwise, it keeps on giving.


Max Pro 4 is every beginner’s all time favorite E board. There are a few specs that the Max Pro 5 has that are different from the Max Pro 4 version, which may not affect the riding experience that much. Let’s have a look. 

FeaturesMaxfind Max Pro 4Maxfind Max Pro 5
PriceBudget FriendlyOn the expensive side
DeckSturdy Sturdy
BatteryNot swappableSwappable
Top Speed25 mph24 mph
Hill Climbing30%30%
Maxfind Max Pro 4 vs Maxfind Max Pro 5
  • People looking for responsive ESC & Remote
  • It’s compact remote responds immediately. It comes with 4 speed modes, a clear LED display, and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry around.  
  • People living in hilly areas: 
  • Its hill-climbing abilities make it an ideal choice for people living near mountains.
  • Riders looking for waterproofing:
  • It does come with waterproofing technology; however, the range is still limited.
Maxfind Max 4 Pro
Maxfind Max 4 Pro Deck
Maxfind Max 4 Pro Grip
Maxfind Max 4 Pro Wheel

4. Boosted Mini s

 Boosted Mini s, Less Price and Wide Area

The boosted Mini S, with its high power and smaller size, has almost become my most used e board. With its 3 different programmed ride modes, I can easily match my acceleration pattern with the board. The smaller size may not be a suitable choice for people with wider feet, but all in all, its a good choice for beginners.

Unlike its original model, this one is not only 29.5 inches long but also priced at $745, which is half the previous model’s price of $1400.

One thing I wish Boosted could improve is weight and length. It’s about 15 pounds, which makes it hard for me to do allies or kickflips. Moreover, since I have wide feet, while making turns, with its 11 inches deck, it gets difficult to make turns. 

One interesting feature is it’s chunky wheels and robust trucks, which make it easier to absorb vibrations on a bumpy road. 

Lastly, coming to the price factor, for everyday cruising, honestly, this board is durable enough and has every feature a beginner looks for in an electric board. Keeping that in mind, I wouldn’t mind spending $745 on a boosted Mini s.

  • People looking for a practical small board: 
  • It’s tiny enough to carry around and a suitable choice for people who like smaller e boards. 
  • Someone looking for standard size battery: 
  • It’s standard size battery can be easily carried on even if you are traveling by place.
  • Rough terrains: Due to its smaller size and heavy weight, it is not a suitable option for people who ride in rough terrains.
Boosted Mini s
 Boosted Mini s Wheels
 Boosted Mini s Deck
 Boosted Mini s Truck

5. Backfire G2

Most Grip And Better Damping Effect

Coming up with a new, well rounded board that is not in any way less than any commonly used E boards. For it’s affordable price, it gives quite comfortable rides while maintaining a polished look. Work can be done on the visuals; otherwise, it’s a good beginner-friendly board.

My riding experience with the Backfire G2 has so far been great. Its wheels are 96mm 83A, better than the standard 90mm size. In other words, more grip on the road with a better damping effect. 

Coming to the deck and it’s flexibility, it’s made of 8-ply maple with a subtle flex. Not more than what a beginner could manage. 

After testing both the previous Galaxy 2 and this model’s recently updated model, the Backfire G2, I found the material quality went slightly downhill; however, the bigger chunkier wheels are providing better grip and less vibration.

  • People looking for a comfortable ride: With it’s heavier wheels and good specs, it provides an enjoyable and comfy ride. 
  • People looking for responsiveness: 
  • One feature I loved was the responsiveness of the board.
  • Beginners looking for high top speed: 
  • Some riders may find the top speed a bit lower than usual.
Backfire G2
Backfire G2 Truck
Backfire G2 Deck
Backfire G2 Grip

6. Meepo Mini 5

105 mm cloud wheels and Heavier in weight

Dominating the world market, and my heart too, is Meepo’s Skateboards. I tested their recent Meepo Mini 5 right out of the box and am still a fan of its top speed. From an aggressive concave to a very polished design, the Meepo Mini 5 can be your next favorite too.

It weighs around 17.9 lbs with a deep concave that has made it quite responsive yet enjoyable for me. It is slightly on the heavier side; however, it didn’t affect my performance that much. 

So far, I have used it for 5 months, and it is holding up pretty well. The only problem I have just observed is the wheels used. There is definitely room for improvement in terms of the material used for 90mm wheels. 

I would advise going for 105 mm cloud wheels; they are far better on rough terrain and more stable. 

Lastly, if you are a beginner, start on the lower setting and be precise on the throttle. This way, you are safe and can work your way up.


Keeping in mind how Meepo Mini 2 took the world by storm and how hard it was for Meepo Mini 5 to take it’s crown, With Meepo’s new updates, it is now widely used around the world. Let’s have a look at how they’ve upgraded some of it’s specs. 

FeaturesMeepo Mini 2Meepo Mini 5
Weight16 lbs17.9lbs
ESC and BatteryGoodImproved
Water ResistanceAverageBetter
Meepo Mini 2 vs Meepo Mini 5
  • Riders looking for top speed:  
  • It’s decent range and top speed are my favorite features.
  • Heavier Riders: 
  • The 500 W powered batteries provide enough energy to take steep inclines as a heavy player.
  • People looking for remotes with screens: 
  • The previous Meepo Mini 2 had a screen on it’s remote, which the brand has this time not included. This may be a problem for people who are used to the earlier version.
Meepo Mini 5
Meepo Mini 5 Deck
Meepo Mini 5 Truck
Meepo Mini 5 Wheels

7. Blitzart Electric Skateboard

Hub Motor Installed And 36 Watt Battery

Do you want a fun riding experience on a budget? This skateboard is all you need right now. Not only does it have an upgraded battery, but it also has a firm deck. The only feature I think could be improved is the single hub; however, for the price, it’s honestly a steal!

Testing it out, I found the wheels and bearings to be quite beefy. While going down the hill, the brakes and the wheels worked quite well. While going up,  I could only survive a 9-10 degree incline because after that, it was a struggle and the board kept stalling. 

Blitzart Electric Board has a hub motor installed that is around 350 W. Whereas the battery is 36 V and takes 2.5 hours to charge, if you use this board for casual rides, you can extend its range too. 

Moreover, the remote has an ergonomic design, but it feels cheap in terms of material. However, features like the pairing button, throttle brake lever, and power switch work very well.

  • Beginners:  
  • For this price, it’s the most suitable option for beginners who are really into longboarding.
  • People looking for batteries: 
  • It has an upgraded battery, which takes only 2.5 hours to charge. Not only that, but it can work even if the battery runs out.
  • For riding on steep hills: 
  • It may feel a little slower compared to other skateboards if you ride it on a steeper hill.
Blitzart Electric Skateboard
Blitzart Electric Skateboard Deck
Blitzart Electric Skateboard Wheels

8. Exway Flex Riot

Flatter And Wider

The Exway Flex Riot is a great choice for cruising and surfing around. It comes with IP55 dust and water proofing and a good built in quality deck. Some people may find it a bit expensive, but overall, it’s worth it.

The deck is made out of maple fiberglass and bamboo, which gives it its flexy character. It’s flatter and wider this time than the previous models, which were famous for their aggressive concaves. 

Exway is focusing on the aesthetics as the new design exposes the bolts, and that has actually made it easier for me to remove or accessorize the board. 

This model has a 345 W battery, better than the previous model’s 216 W battery. No complaints so far; it works pretty well. Lastly, pushing it’s limits to the max capacity, I tried using it in a hilly area and was successfully able to hit 22 miles, whereas on a normal road, I was able to hit 24 miles. Quite a deal. 

  • People looking for visuals: 
  • For this model, Exway has worked on the visuals pretty well and has given us a chance to accessorize it. 
  • People looking for upgraded batteries
  • They have upgraded the battery this time, and it works quite smoothly.
  • People looking for an affordable board: 
  • It did check all the boxes for me when it comes to skateboarding, but it’s a bit on the expensive side.
exway flex riot
Exway Flex Riot Deck
Exway Flex Riot Truck
Exway Flex Riot Wheels

9. Backfire Mini

450 Watt Motor Installed and Reliable

The Backfire mini is the most portable and handy e board I have found after Boosted Mini s. The deck may be slightly higher than usual, but it gives a very comfortable yet stable ride with it’s 85 mm big chunky wheels.

It weighs around 6 kg, which is enough for anyone who moves around a lot and is looking for something they can carry on their shoulder or in their hands. 

While testing it out on bumpy roads, the wheels absorbed vibrations well, and the trucks kept me from falling off because they were wide enough. Its 450 W hub motor really helped me go up the slopes without slowing down. 

As a beginner, one of my friends had trouble adjusting to the aggressive torque; however, with time, he got used to it.

  • People looking for a mini board: 
  • It only weighs about 6 kg, which is better than the Wowgo Mini and many other mini boards. 
  • People looking for powerful acceleration: 
  • This model comes with very high acceleration and torque.
  • People looking for no noise: 
  • The trucks might produce some sound, so you might have to put blu-tack underneath.
Backfire Mini
Backfire Mini Wheels
Backfire Mini Deck
Backfire Mini Truck

10. Backfire Era 2

22 mph Speed And Low Price

This beginners friendly E board is focused on the portality aspect, and they kind of nailed it. The premium deck with 23 mph top speed of 23 mph works fine for any rider who likes to cruise around the city streets.

It has a slim deck with no battery or ESC casing visible; isn’t that great? The deck may feel stiff with almost no flex; however, it doesn’t impact the riding experience in any way. 

Testing it out on a very bumpy and busy road, the grip tape did absorb vibrations, and I was stable enough on the board, but I was able to hit the top speed of 22 mph, which is not that bad. 

I do think backfire should work on the wheels a bit. They are pretty basic, 90mm, with no sort of extra magic. 

Lastly, it’s pretty responsive while doing turns, and trucks perform really well in that way. Priced at 399 $,  it’s quite a good deal.

  • People looking for polished look: 
  • This model is visually appealing so if you are looking for something aesthetic,  you should go for this form
  • Urban areas and beginners: 
  • It’s a good choice for beginners and entry level riders who live around urban areas.
  1. People who want to replace 90mm to 105mm wheels: 

Backfire Era 2 only has one option to get the same wheel replacement done.

Backfire Era 2
Backfire Era 2 Truck
Backfire Era 2 Deck
Backfire Era 2 Wheels


Looking for an electric skateboard that isn’t heavy on your budget? The Backfire G2 electric skateboard, the Blizzard electric board, and the Meepo Mini 5 are the right choices.

If you are looking for a skateboard that you can easily carry around during your skating matches, Boosted Mini s can be your best buddy.

If you are looking for a skateboard that is beginner-friendly Maxfind Max 4 Pro is the right choice.

If you want an agile skateboard with a sleek design, the Backfire Mini and Backfire Era 2 should be your choice. 

Your overall riding/ user experience could be made better with our Wowgo 2s Max and Wowgo 3E. 

A refined riding experience can only be achieved if you have an Exway Flex Riot under your feet.