Quest Super Cruiser Review – (QT-NSC44C)

Quest Super Cruiser Detailed Review

Looking for a longboard that fits your skill level perfectly? Lets see if Quest QT-NSC44C a.k.a The Super Cruiser could be a good option.

For myself, I was seeking for a solid longboard, back in 2019, with a strong visual vibe that is also affordable. And then it went off! Quest introduced me to this classy board which cost me between $60 and $75, giving me an affordable option for a stylish, heavy-duty longboard.

This Super Cruiser is great in terms of size and durability. It’s built of sturdy bamboo and maple, and it’s of competent quality. Let’s go into the review to learn more about why this is the greatest longboard to purchase.

Quest Super Cruiser QT-NSC44 evaluation

After stress tested by 3 of our team members in more than 10 games, streets and long commutes Lets see if its really worth it ?

My Verdict

I was impressed with Quest QT’s durability, design, and high-quality artwork, as well as the low pricing. I believe its a good choice for beginners or any adult riders looking to get started with boarding. This board is a great choice for any one:

  • Looking to freestyle, cruise or commute to university
  • Any beginner looking for first board
  • Any middle aged person (maybe with knee problem) looking to start boarding
  • Weight 200+ lbs
  • Suitable for any height starting from 5″5 upto 6+

For a reasonable price this board was very smooth and the ride was fun! The efficiency and durability it is providing at such a low price is what makes it a good deal. 

So If you’re searching for a versatile longboard that can be used for freestyling, cruising, downhill riding, and even commuting to college, this is the board for you!! It is multi-functional and can defintely handle all of your needs.

Fashionably Aesthetic DECK

I found the Deck of this longboard absolutely gorgeous. It’s made of a mix of hardwood maple and artisan bamboo, with the hardwood maple taking center stage providing sturdiness. The deck is fairly strong, and despite my bulk, I do not bow when standing on it.

Quest Super cruiser deck durability analysis

The 44 inches long, 9 inches wide deck provides more surface area for stability. Considering its strength, the board has a tiny flex in the deck, that allowed me to do some freeriding and freestyle longboarding.

No More Wheel Bites ?

When your longboard’s wheel collides with the deck during a turn, it causes your longboard to stop traveling forward. But I didn’t have to worry about it, for the 4mm hollow risers and ABEC-5 bearings could put my mind at ease in terms of wheel biting.

With its four durable 70mm Polyurethane wheels, longboarding will be more pleasurable, and getting from one location to another will be a lot simpler.

ABEC-5 Bearings

It has ABEC-5 bearings that are speed-sensitive. Although the bearing is a little slower, it might assist a beginner in keeping everything under control immaculately and smoothly. I never rely on the stock bearing because they do not roll to my satisfaction. But if you’re a beginner, the bearings will do fine.

I suggest that riders who are new to longboarding must tighten their axle nuts a little to ensure that they don’t travel faster than they can handle.

One minor disadvantage of this longboard is that as a novice, you may struggle with speed and accurate turns. Moreover, i felt that bearing quality could have been a little better. I had a spare set so i had it replaced when it arrived, which made the ride super smooth.

While keeping the original bearings in the board will not cause any harm, but for better performance, I recommend using Bones Reds bearings, which are specifically designed for skating and surpass the ABEC rating.

Trick Performance

Who says we can’t use flaws to our advantage? Although the bearings are slow, they help you to maintain control of the board, letting you enjoy a smooth ride and do numerous tricks. Whether you’re merely cruising from one location to another or performing tricks, this longboard glides effortlessly, exerting little pressure on your body. 

No matter if there are any sharp commuter turns, small corners, or sudden turns on slopes, Quest super cruisers have got you covered.


Super Cruiser’s trucks are made of 7-inch metal for smooth carving. They’re attached in the same way that a traditional trick cruiser longboard is. I noticed that it lifts the deck higher off the ground more than the drop deck or drops through longboards, allowed me for deeper spins and a more enjoyable riding experience.

Trucks, they are satisfactory in my opinion, some reviewers however said they’re low quality to which I disagree. They may be inexpensive, but they do good for the price.

If you are not satisfied with them, you can try these alternatives that i tried. If you want a truck that is extremely durable in harsh conditions, suitable for high speeds and highly responsive, I recommend the Caliber 44. Another two good options are the Paris 180 and Bear 152 Grizzlies, which did just fine for me.

Despite their modest cost, these trucks function wonderfully on this board, allowing for smooth bending regardless of the turning radius.

Key Features

  • Board Build Quality: Solid quality
  • Deck: 7 ply artisan bamboo and hardwood maple deck – Very fine finish.
  • Turn Response: Great response – narrow radius
  • Wheel Bite: Polyurethane wheels to prevent wheel bite
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 bearings – with 4mm hollow rise and non removable shields
  • Trucks : Aluminum trucks with the 7-inch wheelbase
  • Pre installations: 4 spacers and 8 speed rings
  • Suitable for Tall/Big boys: Yes – tried by members 6″2 in our team.
  • Suitable for Beginners: Yes! and for heavy riders as well – Adult beginners with knee issues have really enjoyed this board


  • Brand: Quest
  • Weighs: around 10 pounds
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Wheel Size: 70 mm
  • Board length: 44 inches long and 9 inches wide

Suitable for Beginners ?

One of the most popular beginner longboards in the market is the Quest super cruiser. Most novices prefer this longboard because it offers a unique combination of affordable cost, high-quality components, and attractive design. With its ABEC-5 bearings, armatures can handle the speed and do the tricks at the same time.

Moreover, this is very easy to turn and sturdy enough to keep your balance, which makes it a great choice for beginners or any adult with knee issues.

As a beginner, the 44-inch longboard will provide you with a stable platform on which you can stand, and you’ll be able to easily trace various foot locations.

Note: You can get a skate tool to adjust this board to your preferred style

  • The board offers one of the finest design
  • 44 inches longer length provides greater stability
  • A great choice for beginners or for people who want to have their first skateboard
  • Great for carving and cruising
  • You can perform many tricks on it
  • The bearings are of mediocre quality
  • You can not travel fast with ABEC 5 bearings
  • Nuts and bolts need to be adjusted
Quest QT NSC44C Stress test

Is it worth buying?

A good longboard is a rider’s dream that allows him to perform a wide range of tricks and get clean turns without tripping and injuring himself.

When it comes to the Quest Super Cruiser’s safety features, it has a deck that is meant to keep your feet firmly on the board while minimizing wheel biting. As a result, I believe it is an appropriate board for cautious newcomers who are concerned about getting hurt. Moreover, the turn response was great with a narrow radius.

On the whole, this longboard is a fantastic choice whether you’re a beginner or a skilled level rider. This super cruiser board will provide you with a smooth longboarding experience, regardless of whether the surface is smooth or bumpy. Let’s look into the nitty gritty.