PINESKY 41-Inch Longboard-Review

Review of Pinesky 41 inch longboard

Have you been keeping an eye out for a new longboard ? I have a one for you! 

A few months back, my little brother, who is also a board freak, wanted to change his room theme, and we started looking for longboards to style the wall. After doing some research, we came across the PINESKY 41-Inch longboard, chic yet affordable, which ended up being his new favorite “riding” curtain. Being a longboarding enthusiast, I thought of giving it a try too. So Here’s my hands on review for Pinsky longboard:

My Verdict

PINESKY 41 Inch longboard is legit a dream for many of you who love longboarding. Longboarding, in my opinion, is a rather secure way to travel back and forth between friends’ homes in the area. The maple skateboard is excellent for downhill, freestyle, and cruising

It comes with an adjusting tool. You don’t have to worry about buying separate pieces and wondering whether they will fit because it comes with the wheels, trucks, and everything else you need. 

The low-to-the-ground design makes it ideal for kids, girls, and teens. Considering all the main hallmarks, it can make a fantastic birthday gift for just about anyone. 

Essential Features

The Pinesky 41 x 9.5-Inch longboard comes in a variety of dopey designs that give a charm to the eyes. You would be intrigued to find fun illustrations, punk artwork, and picturesque films at a rock-bottom price. 

The maple wood’s 8 plies ensure strength and durability. All types of riders can benefit from the comfort that the PU shock absorber ring provides. My brother also appeared to be picking up new skills quickly. You have more sway when you’re riding on this board.

Let’s get this show on the road: 

1. Trucks:

pinesky 41 inch longboard review

To ensure smooth runs, trucks need to be effortless. 

What makes it so amazing is the fact that it comes with 8-Inch chunky aluminum trucks, which can easily carry a significant load of 330 pounds (150 kgs). Sounds incredible, right? 

So, here’s the truth: 

I didn’t hear any chirping noises, even during long commutes. I found the wheel quality quite solid and durable. Talking about durability, I have been using them for months without any significant wear and tear.

However, longboards require the trucks to be replaced after a set length of time. This is necessary to improve the stability and tuning of the boards.

2. Deck:

pinesky longboard deck analysis

The 104 cm long concave offers plenty of room for learning and performing new maneuvers. Pro skaters will make the most of it due to its stability and lightweight.

The long deck provides stability and better balance so that skateboarding turns into an activity for everyone rather than a nuisance. 

I usually consider the size of the deck before getting a new one. The best part is that it has a dimension of 41 x 9.5 width with 8 layers of maple wood, which makes it versatile in the market and also improves decks’ power and longevity. 

Not to forget the range of colors and variety of bright patterns it offers. Fun fact: It comes with a vibrant print and an intense design that makes the bottom of the deck look no less than a fashion accessory. 

My analysis says that it will wear off if not properly cared for, regardless of how the graphics on the deck appear.

3. Wheels:

wheel examination testing

Street skating wheels should be between 49 and 52 mm in diameter. You need anything between 54 and 60 mm for transition or vert skating. 

The PINESKY 41-Inch longboard comes with wheels made of 70 x 51 mm resilient polyurethane with flexible cushioning. These are bigger and cover more ground, which enables you to move swiftly. A total steal-deal!

The wheels have an 80A hardness rating and are sturdy enough to provide you with a comfortable ride on a rough road. However, the wheels were too stiff when opened, but after I made some adjustments, we were good to go. 

There are nicer boards available, but they won’t cost anywhere close to this. It’s excellent as a starter board for anyone interested in longboarding.

4. Bearings:

I am super impressed with the ABEC-11 high-speed precision stainless steel bearing, which makes this ride hassle-free and manageable. The smooth operation of these warrior bearings is guaranteed. 

But don’t only take my word for it – you may find a need to loosen bearings/axles before stepping onto it.

5. Size:

Whether you skate on the street or in transition, you should choose a size that is appropriate for your skillset.

The longboard is a big hit because of its lightweight. Being portable is another beneficial quality of the PINESKY 41-Inch longboard because you never know when you might need to carry it while traveling. 

  • High-quality material
  • Reasonable market prices
  • There are 13 insane designs available.
  • The maximum weight load is 330 pounds.
  • Transportation-friendly.
  • Distinct and memorable graphics.
  • Can be used by a wide variety of people.
  • The deck’s wood might start to chip over time.
  • Wheels are stiff and need to be adjusted before starting.
longboard stress test

Final Thoughts!

In essence, PINESKY 41-Inch longboard is an overall good product considering the cost. There are many other things to think about. Once you understand what makes a sound longboard, you’ll be visiting the skate park.

Thanks to the use of premium wheels, riders will experience a smooth ride even over rough surfaces, although the wheels require some adjustments before you start riding. 

The good news is that it comes with a spacious deck, more specialized hardware, and bigger wheels for advanced skaters as well as beginners. This brand supports riders in continuing to enjoy and feel comfortable while riding in their preferred manner, whether it is freestyle or tricks. 

So take the next step and get started with your new longboard! 


Question: Can you use it on rocky ground?

Answer: Yes, you can use it on rough ground, but riding on a smooth surface is preferable for durability. 

Question: What is the size of the trucks?

Answer: A bit thicker than usual trucks. 

Question: What is the maximum mph?

Answer: Up to 10 on flat land and 35 on high ground.

Question: Are the wheels and bearings decent?

Answer: Although it has resistance, a skate tool is also included, so you can tune it to your liking. I had to reposition the trucks and bearings myself.