Minority Downhill Maple Longboard:  Hands-on Review

minority downhill - best drop through longboard

Last summer, I was looking for a new longboard for my office commute. My last skateboard had worn out after being used daily for a year.  So while researching for a new one, I came across the Downhill maple longboard and thought of giving it a try.

I found the specs quite amusing but I wouldn’t know until I tried it, right?  So, I decided to take the risk. And before I knew it, it arrived. 

Here is my hands-on review of the Downhill maple Longboard skateboard after riding it to the office for almost 7 months.

Design- is it for everyone?

A good design is a simple design. While choosing this board, I wasn’t really sure about the design. Will it save me from the road bumps? Will it crack up while making turns? I had such questions in my mind. 

Well, to my surprise, it didn’t disappoint me.  For the first few rides to my office, I would feel slightly unbalanced due to the off centered grip tape.  However, after using the board a bunch, I learned how to adapt and it flexed really well under my weight.

low gravity construction - better stability- Minority downhill

My workplace track has some speed bumps and steep paths. As I ride over the bumps, the bottom scratches slightly which is standard I feel due to its concave and low gravity constructed design. While I was scared to go down the steep path, it worked well and provided maximum stability.

Last but not the least; I like the wheels that come with the deck, though it would have been better if a little expensive bearing were used. But the good part is, they are easily replaceable.

Weight- can everyone ride it?

My friend who is even taller than me and weighs over 170 had a few sessions on the board and the board didn’t get any cracking or splintering. Just once, while going over the concrete cutout, the bottom of the deck scraped at the pavement.

To be safe, I would recommend that if you weigh 160 or below, and you are a beginner to intermediate, it’s a perfect choice. However, the deck might weaken or crack up if you are above 170 and ride it often.

Minority Downhill maple longboard or OUDEW Maple Drop- Which one did I find better?

There are few noticeable differences which set each of them apart. Firstly, the trucks of OUDEW longboard come already loose however,  i had to loosen Minority longboard’s trucks a bit.

I like the fact that the Minority longboard is not heavy to carry around and I can use it to do stunts. But I wasn’t a fan of my old buddy OUDEW’s weight, it would hinder me from learning trucks and doing fun stunts and it was laborious to carry it around. Not truly ideal, right? Also, I do think Minority Downhill could have an improved durability like OUDEW longboard which my 200 lb. friend could easily ride often.

Lastly, I prefer low gravity constructed longboards which is why I chose Minority downhill. Its low centered deck keeps me from falling down whereas with OUDEW longboard, I tripped down a few times while riding down the steep path.

Although I have experienced rides on both of these models, I prefer the Minority longboard for its less weight and low gravity constructed deck.

Visuals – Do they appease the eye?

There is no doubt that the performance of a long board matters more than its appearance; however, we can not ignore the fact that visually aesthetic items do thrill us.

Well, for me visuals are important. I prefer elements that are pleasing to the eye. So, when I first got my hands on the longboard, the graphics didn’t flatter me. 

I totally loved the raw maple wood design with maple texture however the frosty mountain digital design has a room for improvement I would say.  If I compare the visuals to my previous old friend The Super Cruiser 36, the digital prints might turn off a few people like they did me. 

However, everyone has a different sense of aesthetic, but surprisingly,  you can choose from a range of different prints and you might find one according to your style.

Beginner friendly:

This longboard comes with a sturdy base which is ideal for a smooth experience. I love the longboard’s perfect length and construction, which offers easier controls. It felt like it was made just for me, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

perfect length - easy control - best for beginners

Moreover, the pricing and premium design is a perfect fit for a beginner as well, ensuring best experience without emptying wallets. The board has 78a bushings and can easily uphold weight up to 160 lbs or 72 kg which is absolutely perfect for a novice or for someone who prefers a soft riding board! For the price, I think this is the best budget friendly option. The turning radius is a bit wider, but with a little practice it becomes unnoticeable.

Maneuverability:  Is it smooth enough?

When it comes to skateboards; one of the key things to look at is the maneuverability. Having experience of 7 years of skateboarding, I am nit-picky about the adjustability but this product didn’t disappoint. I was very satisfied with the reverse kingpin truck (crafted from genuine aluminum, boasting a 7-inch length).

reverse kingpin trucks - smooth ride

The best part is its incredible flexibility. This quick and easy adjustment provides the smoothest maneuverability, which allowed me to focus on enjoying the ride without worrying about controls and speed. It was a complete game-changer for my longboarding experience!

Durability:  is it safe to ride?

The longboard is sturdy and feels very robust. Even though I have big feet, I faced no problem adjusting my feet because it is 40 inches long and 9 inches broad, quite spacious right?

The material is Canadian hard rock maple wood which is why the board is strong and safe for beginners. Moreover, it is very stable and doesn’t produce any suspicious creaks and noises which is reassuring.

The polyurethane wheels are tough and strong which offer a long-lasting service and that was exactly what I needed. A long-lasting companion, for my daily endeavors.

strong wheels for a reliable experience
  • Visually pleasing and eye-catchy
  • Sturdy and offers great stability as well as flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth manoeuvrability
  • Easy to carry
  • Not suitable for professionals
  • The large width may be uncomfortable for some
  • The board may touch the ground if you go too fast
  •  40″x9″ Hardrock maple deck
  • Rugged 7″ reverse kingpin aluminum trucks
  • 70x51mm, 80% rebound performance urethane
  • Precision ABEC-9 bearing & carbon steel hardware’s
  • Digital print graphics on bottom
  • OS780 grip tape
  • Recommended weight limit 220 LBS
best drop down deck for better support
reverse kingpin trucks - smooth ride

Final outcome:

Minority sports brand has delivered us with their all in one model and it’s the most reasonable drop from their collection. For this price range, it has attributes you might have hard time finding in another longboard. However, it has its own limitations.

It’s an overall good design providing a good experience for both beginners and intermediates. For under 70$, it has enough stiffness, spacious deck and durability.

All these things combined and keeping in mind my 7 months experience, downhill maple longboard is a pretty decent choice. Experience it yourself and you will be giving similar reviews soon after.