MAGNETO Kicktail Cruiser Review (44 inch)

June 19th 2023

Magneto Kicktail cruiser review

The best way to learn about a product is to use it that to fullest. That’s why we have been using the Magneto board for last 8 months and we’ll try to convey to you all the fors and againsts of this longboard in this review.

When we got its delivery to our doorstep, we immediately opened the package, and there it was, a well-made, hefty board with a gorgeous boardwalk look. The pack also provides the equipment for helping beginners secure their first rides. But be careful while opening the shipment, and make sure before you kick open the box that it doesn’t smash anything inside. 

My Verdict

I was really surprised by quality the board is offering at the given price. Its better than most of my boards that were over $100. Its design satisfactorily allowed me to go in for almost all kinds of riding techniques i.e cruising, free-styling, and carving as well. Here are few reason that makes this board worth having:

  • Design Natural finish with grit built on the top – very fine finishing
  • Deck has a solid build quality and very sturdy. Slight concave shape for comfort and control. The grip finish on the surface was amazingly fine.
  • Wheels were large and soft perfect for cruising. Well built for support in any rough terrains. Never experienced any wheel bites.
  • Bearings For this price, the bearings were really good. I had to adjust them to my needs and never had any problem

My experience with this board has been wonderful. The rides were super comfortable, turning was smooth and easy. If you are new to boarding, it will take some time for you to get used to boarding. Once you are used to the board, the rides will be super comfortable.

This board is perfect for any one looking to start riding, or any experienced boarder or a 40+ boarder looking for a new board.


The caliber of wheels mainly depends on the materials they are made with and these Kicktail Cruiser Longboards’ wheels have a distinctive feature that they are made with 78A finest urethane. This material makes the wheels soft enough to function best on hard platforms. These soft wheels are suitable for cruising on rough, uneven surfaces.

Trucks durability test of Magneto kicktail
Magneto cruiser wheels

We had perfect rides even on stony and irregular roads and paths. These wide wheels give more stability and allow it to take sharp turns while carving. 

However, some people, especially the heavier ones, were not pleased with these soft wheels and they usually opt for replacing the wheels with harder ones. My uncle though, who is 215 lbs and 45 years old, was pretty happy with the wheels and had no trouble with them.

The dimensions of the wheels are 70mm * 51mm. They have standard-sized trucks that are strong and well-built. They are made of gravity cast aluminum. If you experience wobbles just tighten up the trucks and it will give a more solid ride without any bumps and wobbles.

And if you want to take sharper and faster turns and free spins, you will just have to loosen the trucks. The trucks of Quest QT-NSC44C were also my favorite. We have witnessed that the trucks help in avoiding jiggling at high speeds and make the board a bit more maneuverable.

The Deck

The size of its deck is the principal feature that gives such amazing stability while performing any dancing, free-styling tricks, or long rides. The reason for this phenomenal stability lies in the fact that its deck is made wide enough to give ample space for the rider to stand properly with ease.

This feature distinguishes it from other cruiser boards so its ultra-wide deck lets the rider have secure and stable cruising. The tail of the deck is nice. I was able to easily push down on it to raise the board up and cruise.

Magneto kicktail deck feedback

These dimensions must be taken into consideration because this deck size may be somewhat big for some junior riders so, as mentioned earlier, one must check the fitting of his feet with the board before buying.

However, I also observed a downside in its size that some tricks that need a short board to be performed cannot be executed easily on it. So for some tricks it might take you some time to get used to.


The deck is made of bamboo on both sides and maple in between. The board is stiff and solid with little flexibility. This sturdiness makes it good for freestyle tricks and dancing. 

In contrast, some boards which are too squishy and soft to be good for tricks can only be used only for casual cruising. But this Kicktail Cruiser board, according to my experience, is good for both easy rides and complicated tricks. A little flexibility in it allows safer long rides and resilience against bumps.

Regarding its durability, we can state after carrying out multiple trials with a variety of tricks and carving techniques, that it can endure even long cruising rides and is not at all impacted or damaged by full-day rides. 

It also has a grippy sand grit covering on it that makes it best for both learners and hotshots. It gives the board a solid, anti-slip finish and lets you flaunt the beauty of the board. The cut of the board is really nice and makes smooth rides like butter possible.

Key Features

  • Build Quality: High
  • Deck: Great quality, Concave for comfort and equivalent grip on surface.
  • Trucks: Sturdy. Bushing allows smooth turning
  • Wheels: Large and soft. Performs well on rough terrains as well.
  • Bearings: Good quality compared to price
  • Riding time (before next Push): You get almost 10-14 seconds before you need to push again on flat surface. On hill the time is extended.
  • Suitable for: All (Beginners, cruisers, heavy riders or any experienced riders)


  • Brand: Magneto
  • Load Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Trucks material: Aluminum
  • Trucks size: 7 inches
  • Shape and texture: ‎Concave and Grippy
  • Wheel Size: 70mm * 51mm
  • Deck thickness: 8 ply ½ inch thick
  • Bearings: Magneto Chrome ABEC 5
  • Item Weight: 8 pounds
  • Great for beginners due to its stiffness
  • Works well on rough surfaces
  • No need for grip tape complications due to the sand grit finish
  • Much economical as compared to other longboards of its caliber
  • Bit flat at the back so it makes your pops balanced
  • Ideal for daily long rides
  • The deck is rigid so it will take time to get used to turn it
  • No assembly skate tools came in the package
  • Steel bearings doesn’t vulnerable to corrosion in rains 
Board wheels stability
Magneto kicktail cruiser trial
Rough terrain test of wheels

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we can say that Magneto Kick tail cruiser is a great choice without emptying one’s money bag for both seasoned and amateur skaters. They are equipped with 78A wheels which give a safer ride. They have a sandblast covering that eliminates the need for a grip tape.

The wide and sturdy deck raises confidence in beginners’ rides and allows for long trips too. You can get them at a very affordable price and it will be worth the money. They are also perfect for beginners who are wishing to get into longboarding and these Kicktail Cruiser Longboards will be your companion for years. If you are big boy, we would suggest upgrading the wheels!

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