Every longboard lover must have heard of Landyachtz Evo somewhere. It is one of those longboards that have won more world championships than any other longboard. So I thought about writing down my hands on review of Evo Spectrum.

So I decided to get my hand on this longboard back in 2019, to try out what it hides. To my surprise, it turned out to be one of the best downhill longboards I have ever tried, and we’re going to see why – in this review.

But what makes this longboard so special that it has won world championship downhill races? Let us take a closer look – Here’s my hands on review of LANDYACHTZ EVO 40.

Why i chose Evo?

The Evo has been under the feet of three World Champions, as well as countless race winners for over a decade. 

This persuaded me to get my hands on this board. Its lowered platform and directional wedging give me a more comfortable yet stable ride. The front-loaded steering gives me better control while taking sudden turns.

After testing it in many long rides and down hilling along with my friends, I can say the Evo is a classic example of a downhill longboard. Due to its low ride height, it excels in both downhill and commuting. It is suitable for long-distance pushing, making it a great choice for riders of all abilities, from novice to the top riders. 

I loved the stability that it provides because of the 7 ply Canadian maple construction. Moreover this construction empowers unrivaled stability and a drifty ride as well as provides a sturdy platform for downhill performance. 

Riding Styles

With Evo 40 you can get various riding styles. You can travel downhill at a fast pace with this board. Moreover, its concave deck creates a pocket for your feet and a shorter wheelbase making you do some freestyling. Moreover, the double drop with concave keeps your feet locked.

Also, for that tried and true ride, it has trucks installed from the top to sit flat with the bottom of the board allowing you to have mountain riding.

The Deck:

The deck of this super longboard is 40 inches in length and 9.8 inches wide. It has a drop-down board bringing you closer to the road for a more suitable ride. 

I found this board ideal for not only easy cruising but for furious downhill, and that’s because the deck has a curved shape. The adjustable wheelbase allowed me to have more control over the board. It moves your axles in with more stability, improved agility, and lower swing weight. 

Landyachtz Evo Deck

For robust stiffness and control, it is made up of 9 plies of Canadian maple. It is one of the most robust designs I have ever come across making it ideal for bigger riders.

GEN 6 Trucks:

181mm Bear Grizzly Trucks are installed in the Evo 40. It comes in an unusual shape. Instead of angling away from each other or being straight under the board, both the trucks on the Evo are facing forward. 

This truck layout really improved my stability at high speeds while allowing me for easy sliding. This smooth ride is complemented by a large bushing seat and an 8-hole hardware arrangement that ensures the right feel.

Wheels – Butter Smooth?

The Evo 40 comes with 70mm Hawgs Wheels. These unique wheels have the ability to transform any board into a flexible ripper. These soft 78A durometer wheels are suitable for cruising and are perfect for commuting in urban areas

With the adjustable wheelbase, any riding style can be accommodated. The options range from short and robust to long and stable.

ABEC-7 Bearings

Just like Backfire Discus Fish, Evo also comes with ABEC-7 bearings. With the Spaceballs ABEC 7 bearings, your wheels will always be in alignment and chatter-free all thanks to the included spacers. Moreover, You can confidently tighten your axle nuts and maintain your wheels moving straight, smooth, and quick.

Ride – Stable?

The stable ride is mostly achieved by lowering the foot platform which creates pockets for your feet to lock onto while skating. 

Landyachtz Evo Spectrum Review

With Evo 40 stability is made easy all thanks to its drop-down deck. The board is easier to push and break with your feet. Furthermore, the concave shape adds responsiveness and control while locking your feet in.

Key Features

  • Board Build Quality: High quality
  • Board Flex: Very stiff
  • Stability: Very stable
  • Tires: Big tires – can bear weight of big man
  • Deck: Double drop with concave – keeps your feet locked
  • Grip Tape: Can wear after long/extreme rides
  • Price: Expensive


  • Brand: Landyachtz
  • Package weight: 4.51 kg
  • Deck Length: 99 m
  • Deck width: 9.8 inches
  • Color: Black, white

Social Cause – Environment Friendly

The thing which sparks me about this board is its features that are also good for the environment. The Landyachtz has partnered up with TreeCanada to plant a tree for every board sold. If we do the maths at least 60 boards can be made from a single tree. As a result, one tree will result in the planting of more or less 60 new trees.

  • The deck is entirely made up of Canadian Maple
  • A concave shape gives maximum durability and stability 
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Has won many downhill championships
  • Very stable – Feels same at 10mph as it does on 25 mph
  • Heavyweight might make it difficult to travel around 
  • Carving may be challenging for beginners
  • Pricey
Landyyatchz evo board test
Landy evo board wheel stress test

Landyachtz Evo 40 vs 36 – Which one to choose?

Let’s start with the deck. As its obvious from the name – Evo 40 has a 40 inches deck while 36 has 36 inches deck. The Evo 36 is 9.5 inches wide while the other is 9.8 inches.

Both the boards are made up of Canadian Maple and provide a sturdy platform for downhill performance. Evo 40 has 70mm Hawgs Wheels while 36 has 73mm tall Biggie Hawgs wheels and 30A SpaceBall bearings. 

The standing platform on the 36-inch version is not overly long as compared to 40 inches. This might not be the issue if you are short heighted person or have a height of less than 5 feet 9 inches.

On the other hand, if you have a taller height then it might get awkward for you to ride Evo 36. I would suggest, Evo 40 would be the preferable version for you if you are a tall person. Big boys in our team are quite happy with Evo40.


After testing this board for more than a year with different team members, I could say the board is suitable for following:

  • Downhilling
  • High speeding
  • Moving around the city
  • Big/tall boys
  • Beginners

The board due to its weight will quickly start to pick up speed on downhilling. If you’re a beginner or someone looking to try out new tricks, then its a great choice as the double drop and concave will keep you locked. For big boys, the board can hold your wait pretty good due to its strong build and strong wheels.

For heavy riders, the strong construction of the board and stiff flex will make you feel comfortable at high speed. Similarly, for beginners looking for downhill board the Evo is the way to go.

I do think its a little costly board, however, Its still worth it due to the overall quality you’re getting in return.