Best Longboards Under 100$

Do you want to experience longboarding, not just do it?  Well,  that’s what all our Under 100$ Longboards are for.

We understand the problems that come with a low-quality longboard.

Sometimes you are riding around the street,  and you trip down due to the unstable deck and end up with an ankle sprain.

Sometimes the wheels stop working in the middle of the road, how could they, right? Been there, and experienced that.

Now that you are convinced as to why to choose a longboard Carefully for your first ever ride.  It’s time to get your wallets ready for a reasonable yet high-quality longboard purchase.

We understand your struggles so for those hoping to save a bit of money yet experience the thrills of longboarding, tag along. After carefully analyzing and testing a few longboards for a few months. We have picked out the best ones for you!

1. Magneto 44″ Longboard

magneto longboard - best starter longboard - affordable price

Your cruising around the town can be more fun if you have the right longboard under your feet. The 44-inch Magneto longboard has got it all!  It has a durable bamboo deck with kicktails that make it super functional for a beginner. Let’s get into the features of the longboard you can become a master of skateboarding on:


The magneto longboard is 44 inches long,  9 inches wide and sits 5 inches above the ground making it a large and ideal board for beginners.

The quality of the deck either makes or breaks the deal when it comes to the longboard. Magneto has made it hard like a brick in your house. Do you want to dance on it?  Well, dance on it all you want. The deck is equally strong,  sturdy and stable. It has a concave perfect to achieve that subtle boost in speed and a smooth ride.

The board adds 78A soft urethane made 70mm big wheels perfect for an ultra-smooth ride with a controllable grip. You might need to adjust the wheels to suit your riding taste.  Overall,  they are adequate for a beginner or intermediate’s needs.

It will fulfil all your demands you have for a 60$ longboard.  However,  when it comes to bearings, I fear the quality might disappoint some people. Even though the board comes with 8 bearings they still increase friction and reduce the speed due to poor quality.  A good piece of advice would be to replace them with an upgraded version.

The set comes with a pair of trucks. They have a reasonable quality and so do the bushings inside that allow a pretty smooth turning. You may tighten or loosen the trucks according to your requirements.

When it comes to material and finish, it’s an absolute 10. The wood top has a gritted texture with sanded grip tape for extra balance and stability.  Moreover,  the OG retro design on top of the bamboo wood has the real 80s feel to it. 

Great starter option?  Definitely yes. This Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard is all you need to have a fun longboarding experience.  All in one set at an affordable price,  what a steal!

Tested strong concave deck - sturdy - stable
Experienced an ultra smooth ride with 70mm wheels.

2. Osprey Pintail 36″ Longboard

Osprey Pintail 36" longboard - perfect for long distance cruising.

Get started with longboarding on our classic Osprey Pintail Longboard.  This 36 inches-long and 9.6 inches-wide board is your perfect long-distance cruising partner.

It is a master of both speed and distance, making it an ideal choice for tight turns and fast commuting.


The osprey pintail longboard is composed of 7-ply Canadian maple,  giving it enough strength and a sturdy core for an elevated riding experience. The deck is slightly concave ensuring your riding experience is comfortable with the freedom to carve and cruise around.  Do you want a skateboard that will keep you sound? This longboard is the right answer.

The high-quality 7-inch aluminum trucks are connected to cast wheels that utilize ABEC-9 carbon bearings to ensure a quick and smooth ride.

Scared of wheel bites?  The Osprey pintail longboard is your savior. Its pintail shape prevents the wheel from touching the ground and prevents you from tripping down on the road.

As a beginner, you would want a longboard that gives you a smooth ride.  Well,  our osprey board with its 78A PU wheels is waiting to give you an effortless first ride. We didn’t know the wheels turn inwards or outwards when you lean on the deck,  until one of our team members while riding fell off it in a straight line. 

Interestingly,  that helps in high-speed carving turns.  We are telling this hidden trait before so you don’t make the same mistake we did.

The design of this longboard is a solid 10/10. You get to choose from a wide variety of graphics, a dream, right?  Moreover,  The boards have a funky Osprey logo at the bottom. Making it a style statement of its own.

Do you want to wager on the most affordable and swift skateboard? The Osprey Pintail Longboard will not let you down. You can catch all of the experience for such an affordable price. Now, that’s what we call a terrific deal.

no wheel bites with pintail shape deck
78A PU wheels for smoothest ride

3. Osprey TwinTip 39″ Longboard

Osprey TwinTip longboard - spacious board for a better balance

Wrapping up the list with our ultimate favourite Osprey Twin Tip 39-inch Longboard. Have the rides of your life on this spacious concave board. Not only is it an all-rounded board but also got the coolest design to show off. Let’s give you the tea about its features that we made sure to analyse for 7 months riding down the roads and hills.


This 7-ply Canadian maple longboard gives the deck all the extra strength and durability it got. We all most of the time feel unsafe and unbalanced on the skateboard.  Well no more,  on this longboard your all-day-long cruising will feel balanced and secure.

This longboard has got some interesting features. Its twin-tip design provides a sweet balance of speed and stability for both downhill carving and cruising around the streets. Moreover, the grip tape does the job perfectly.  Provides you with extra grip while you make sharp turns. Ideal product we would say.

When it comes to the wheels, you might feel a little disappointed.  Well,  with the right approach, your disappointment can turn into happiness. Even though the wheels have 78a PU with 95 A brushing, they might feel a little floppy to a heavy rider.  Our advice would be to tighten the trucks according to your needs however,  don’t over-tighten,  your brushing might deform. You wouldn’t want that,  right?

The set comes with ABEC 9 bearings to ensure to get to taste the high speed it will offer, this is what the company claims. Well, here we would like to give our subtle opinion on the bearings. While riding our wheels would slow down due to dry bearings.  We had to rectify them with some lubrication. And after some time,  we replaced it with an upgraded version and wow the board started performing wonderfully.

As a beginner,  we feel you.  The thought of Riding a longboard for the first time gives everyone anxiety.  And we all have been through that journey. However, this longboard has got your back.  It is the easiest longboard to ride as a beginner.  Within days, you will be doing the ultimate stunts. Take our word for it!

twin tip design - while testing on sharp curves provides balance.
78a PU wheels - perfect for young boarders


APOLLO CRUISER - best budget longboard with 7 wooden layers

Say hello to our Apollo Cruiser 27-inch longboard made from 7 hand-picked wood layers. With a pretty vintage overall design, hiding the secret to speed in its wheels.


We have some good news for you! You all know how the wheels of most longboards are disappointing and customers are forced to upgrade.  Well,  not happening with this longboard. Its 60 mm polyurethane wheels are the dream of every beginner to ride. Robust and smooth while rolling making the cruising experience extremely comfortable.

The 27″ deck successfully does the job. It’s pretty adequate and made out of solid wood. The deck tape on top is spot on providing balance and stability all you need.

This set comes with a one-speed ring per wheel adjusted between the inner bearings and trucks. You might feel the longboard lacking some speed. We advise you to add more speed rings,  not only will they help you pick up higher speed but also help in the longevity of the hardware. Quite a deal,  right?

If you like control over your ride, this is the right board for you. In our experience of over 7 years, we have found this beginner-friendly board having just spot-on manoeuvrability.  Allowing you to have a good cruise speed even on a bumpy road with ideal control. Might sound like a dream,  but it’s reality!

The above-listed features will help you decide whether you should buy it or you should buy it.  Because who wants to miss out on the opportunity to make a big splash with this board around the streets?

60 mm polyurethane wheels for experiencing the best cruising.
strong deck - perfect balance and stability.

5. Magneto 7-ply Canadian Maple Longboards

Magneto 7-ply Canadian - best beginner cruiser longboard.

Your dream of gliding along on a longboard on a sunny day can come true with our Magneto 37-inch longboard. And dreams shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg,  right? Well,  don’t worry,  this high-quality board is just for $99.


This ultimate cruiser has flex so much that it will feel like you are bouncing on a trampoline when you kick off. For you,  our team analysed the board for some months and here is our honest review of the deck. The W-curvature of the deck is impressive. It gives stiffness to the deck making the ride super stable.

Trucks?  Yes yes, the most important element of our longboard. The trucks were supposed to lower our centre of gravity while riding.  That part was slightly missing however,  after some adjustments, it was able to give us a custom riding experience,  and we love that part.

Bearings are always something on long boards that disappoint.  We wish more focus was put on the quality of bearings. For beginners the bearings are pretty solid, however,  for an intermediate longboarder,  our advice would be to either lubricate them with ceramic oil or replace them with a better-quality product.

Want to add swag to your life?  This board is for you. It has etched graphics laid on top of varnished bamboo for a clean and fresh look.  What else do we want?

All in All,  if you are getting into long-lasting and you want a cruiser,  the above-mentioned sets are worth considering. They are not a 10/10  and not for someone who is already an accomplished longboarder. Just the right budget options for people starting out!

solid bearings with high quality wheels - good for cruising.
W-curvature deck provides stiffness for stable ride.