Best Longboards for Downhill

Being a longboarding enthusiast I love riding my longboard downhill. However, it took me a lot of research and experience to select the most appropriate longboard for downhill according to my expertise. Here is a complete guide for you to help you get the best downhill longboard for yourself.

Following are my top 10 choices of Best longboards for downhill after stress testing them for months on different hills and rough terrains. Let’s start.!

1. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

minority downhill

I got my hands on the MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard a few years ago when I was still a beginner. These came in beautiful graphics and I was very fascinated by their sleek looks. These were very affordable, so affordable that it made me doubt the quality. I was delighted to find out that they work better than they look. 


First, let’s talk about the deck. Honestly, the deck is my favorite part of this longboard. It is a drop deck, having the qualities of both drop-through and drop-down. It can also be top mounted. It is made up of 8 layered maple wood, 40 inches in length and 10 inches wide. These dimensions are ideal for beginners, it is not too narrow. The drop, low gravity construction made the board very stable. There is a drop concave on the deck which locks the feet and prevents them from sliding. 


My opinion on the trucks is that they are good enough for beginners. The trucks are solid with a 37-inch wheelbase. The trucks were not very tight when it came. They are adjustable and can be tightened, making the longboard suitable for many types of riders. They are not the best trucks that I have experienced quality-wise. They gave a little squeak when carving, and turning, but it got fixed with a little lubricant. If you are not a heavy person, they will work just fine for you.


The wheels are satisfactory. They spin quite well, take small turns, and there is no wheel bite. The dimensions of the wheels which are 70-51mm are just right. You might need larger wheels for going at high speed. They can be tightened or loosened according to your preference. They are very responsive and do not wobble normally. However, they can wobble a little if you are a heavy person. Bearings are also solid, and you do not need to change them very early.


This is an up-to-the-mark longboard for its price. I do not recommend taking it downhill initially, it would be better if you ride it on the streets at first. A few things like bushings can be changed for a better experience. You might need riser pads to avoid scratching. Paddling is very easy on this longboard and it is very stable and forgiving. Adjust everything according to your riding style and you are good to go.


  • Very affordable, good value for money
  • Good for beginners
  • Good grip tape
  • 10/10 on stability
  • Squeaky noise from trucks but can be fixed
  • A few things need to be changed
stable deck minority downhill
trucks minority downhill
longboard deck
big wheels downhill longboard

2. Landyachtz Switchblade & Ten Two Four Longboard

landyachtz switchable

I was told about the Landyachtz Switchblade longboard by a friend. He had the 38’’ long longboard. I rode on his longboard and loved the experience. So, I got myself the 40’’ Landyachtz Switchblade longboard. That is one of the advantages of this longboard, that they come in multiple sizes. Here’s my take on the 40’’ Landyachtz Switchblade longboard.

Is it stable?

OMG YES! I have to give it 10/10 on its stability. The deck is a drop-deck and can be mounted drop-through or top-mount. I prefer drop-through because of the stability that it offers. While riding this, you are so low to the ground it almost feels like ground-level. It has a 29” wheelbase and because it is big, the turning circle is not very small. However, because of that, it feels so much in control and stable.

Grip and placement?

I love to ride at high speed, especially when you are going downhill and the speed is high. The grip was good enough that I would go fast without the fear of slipping off. It comes with a good quality grip tape. I replaced the grip tape after several months of use. The concave on the deck is just the right amount, it is not very deep as to hinder your posture, and I felt super steady. There is also a slight W concave, and drops for foot placement; my feet were properly tucked in. 

Stiffness and Maneuverability

The longboard is made up of 8-ply maple wood and is quite stiff. I didn’t feel any flex when I rode it downhill. Something that I noticed when riding the longboard is that the board has a damper feeling, it reduces the vibrations when riding on rough roads. 

I did some research and paired these boards with Kegel 80mm wheels, and 180mm trucks that can be adjusted to 45 degrees and 50 degrees. It made the longboard just right for downhill. You can do your research and add stuff according to your preference and riding style. I think that it’s a plus point because a lot of the time you get a nice deck with low-quality wheels, bearings, and trucks. 


In conclusion, this is a very good longboard for riding downhill. With the right wheels and trucks, it will give you a nice experience. The board is so low I did not have to lean back very much to slide, you can just kick out and slide. Overall it provides a good grip when turning and the feel is very comfortable.

  • Dope graffiti and designs
  • Low to the ground so paddling is effortless
  • Very stable and comfortable to ride
  • Good grip on feet
  • Stiff and do not flex even if you are heavy
  • Can be modified according to your choice
  • Big in size so carving requires effort
flexible truck-landyachtz
stable wheel base-longboard
8 ply maple wood longboard

3. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards

magneto bamboo longboard

How can I miss the Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards when talking about the best longboards for downhill? I have had a good experience with these so here’s my review. 


If we talk about stability, despite being top-mounted these longboards are pretty stable. They are designed in a way that lowers the center of gravity making them stable. Usually, when the board is top mounted you face difficulty in controlling it unless you are an expert.

I was surprised to find out that this was not the case with Magento Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards and controlling it was easy.

The deck

The deck of the Magento Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards is the best part about them. They are made up of a composition of bamboo, carbon, and fiber as stated in the name. This made it just the right amount and stiff and lightweight, best for speeding.

When I took it downhill for the first time it was so smoothly gliding at high speed. The carbon fiber composition added damping characteristics to the board so when going on a rough surface of a hill, I did not feel any such vibrations.

Foot’s grip

The foot’s grip is solid because of the W concave on the board. The grip tape is also pretty good. What I did not like a lot about the board are the bearings and the wheels. I mean they are of average quality and are not too bad for beginners.

I ended up changing the wheel and the bearings to swiss. I took a spin test with the ABEC 11 bearings, they spun for a good 6 seconds, not bad for beginners. 

Very responsive

What I absolutely liked about this board is that it is very responsive. Because it is top mounted, you have direct control. The board has just the right amount of flex to ensure smooth carving and good sliding performance. Bushings, according to what I felt, lacked control and made a squeaky noise. I believe it will not do so if you are light weighted.


Overall this is a good choice for downhill. Here’s some advice, do check all the bolts and nuts before using them. You might feel like loosening and tightening here and there, like the wheel and the trucks. I would rate this one a 7/10.

  • Good stability
  • Very responsive
  • Shock resistant
  • Stiff and lightweight
  • Mediocre quality wheels and bearings
  • Need to make some adjustments
  • Small kicktails
best wheels for downhill
top mounted longboard
trucks for downhill skating

4. Lrfzhicg Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

best downhill longboard

Another worth mentioning in the series of best longboards for downhill is the Lrfzhicg Longboard Cruiser. Here’s the review of it.

Sturdy for downhill rides

It is a 42’’ long and 27-centimeter wide longboard made up of bamboo and fiberglass. Being long made it very stable and sturdy. It is the most appropriate longboard to practice for riding downhill. It keeps the balance in check. I used to ride it for miles at high speed and not once did I feel that I’m losing my balance.

Large wheels for high speed

The fiberglass made it not too sensitive to vibrations and made the overall ride quality smooth and comfortable. The wheels are big enough and hard enough to ensure high speed with good stability. I do not have complaints about wheels and bearings quality.

Flexible Deck

The deck is durable and strong, but a little heavy. It is a drop-through deck that is parallel to the ground. It has just the right amount of flexibility which makes turning and sliding very comfortable. Good choice for heavy people.

Easy wheel changing

One more thing that I liked about this longboard is that changing wheels is very handy. I changed the wheels after months of rough use and it was very efficient and easy. The ABEC 9 bearings support high speed and do not require any extra lubrication. 

Some people did not like the panda design but I think it is very cute. Could have been made with a little more finishing though. The trucks also go just right with the deck; they are designed to be very grounded to stabilize the board.


This is a very good longboard for learners as it is very forgiving. It has all the appropriate features required for riding downhill as well as cruising.

  • Stable
  • Big and strong enough for tall and heavy people
  • Durable
  • Smooth riding and turning
  • Heavy

5.Quest Skateboards Zero Dark 40 Longboard

quest 40 downhill longboard

Moving on to another great longboard for riding downhill. Here’s the review of Quest Zero Dark 40’’ Downhill Longboard. Believe me when I say that this longboard can be put side to side with some high-quality and expensive longboards. 

My first impression of this Quest Zero Dark Longboard is that it is of beautiful black color and well-finished design. As I rode it for a few weeks I discovered that it is very easy to ride and I can compare it to my Landyachtz sector 9 longboard quality-wise.

Wide Wheels

Something I liked about this longboard is its wheels. They are wide enough to go at high speed with a good grip on the road. There is absolutely no wheel bite and they are pretty smooth on the road. It passes over small pebbles and stones on the track without any difficulty.

Strong Deck

The deck is strong and durable, it carried my weight of 220 lbs without any difficulty. The deck is not concave like the Magneto or Landyachtz but still, it is very stable because of its dimensions. It has a good grip tape which is placed slightly off but that does not hinder its performance. 

As you ride it, the truck loosens a bit with use and then this thing turns and curves beautifully. The turn radius is just right and it goes far in one push.


About the bearings, I’d say that they are of better quality than all the other longboards I got at this price. You can always replace them with better ones and that is a good deal as well.


I will get this longboard again if the one I own is worn out because of its use. I do not have any complaints except that the nuts and bolts need to be checked and fixed before use to avoid accidents. This one is a good choice for beginners as well as people like me who have been longboarding for a while now.

  • Good quality trucks and wheels
  • Inexpensive
  • The board is strong and sturdy
  • Solid grip
  • Good turning
  • Good for heavy people 
  • No concave
  • Bearings are okayish
  • Bolts need to be fixed before use

6.MBS All-Terrain Longboard

Best Longboards for Downhills

The MBS All-Terrain Longboard is a pretty hyped longboard especially because of its distinctive wheels. So here’s my review of the MBS All-Terrain Longboard.


Let’s start with the wheels since they are the most prominent feature of this longboard. So the wheels are big, like enormous as compared to any other longboard we discussed before. Now they stated in its specifications that the wheels are 78A but I felt that these were harder than that. It was easy to slide out because these wheels are hard.

The wheels are made of high-quality stuff and thrive on hard surfaces. Like In any rough condition where there are rocks, pebbles, or anything on the road, these wheels pass through effortlessly, They work very well in rough conditions but there are some drawbacks.

They are heavy and that adds weight to the longboard overall and it is so tiring to carry them. The wheels do not work that well on damp and not-so-compact surfaces. Other than that they are really good for speeding as they have a good grip on the road.

Navigator Trucks

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the MBS All-Terrain Longboard has a high-precision navigator truck and high-quality bushings that I did not find in many other longboards. I was pretty impressed with the speed and maneuverability of this longboard on rough surfaces. 

Drop Deck

It has a drop deck for stability so beginners can also hop on it. The deck is also strong and durable, I did not face any wobble or rattle while riding, and it carried my 220lbs without any difficulty. The grip tape is like Scarpe paper but works well. 


So, overall the MBS All-Terrain Longboard is worth buying. You will be impressed by the wheels and the whole board but again do check all the nuts and bolts and tighten them before riding to avoid any accidents. I found this longboard a better fit for riding downhill than many other longboards that are purposely made for downhill.

  • Good quality components
  • Different kinds of wheels
  • Good design
  • Stable
  • Strong board
  • Good for speeding
  • Heavy
  • Bolts and nuts need to be tightened

7.Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard

Junli 41 Inch longboard for downhill

If you are looking for something legit which is easy to ride and good for downhill, Junli 41-inch Freeride Longboard is the right choice. Here’s my take on it.

Junli Freeride longboard has a 41 inches long and 9 inches wide deck which are very appropriate dimensions for riding downhill because of the stability as well as maneuverability that it offers. Its deck is spacious so you don’t feel like slipping off if you are riding at speed.

Flexible Deck

The deck is made of very strong and sturdy, I rode it over very rough terrains at high speed, and not once did I feel that my board was in danger. It is also the right amount of stiff and flexible which makes it very suitable for speeding. I particularly liked the surface of the deck because of its grip. 

Wheels And Bearings

The wheels and bearings are of high quality, you do not need to replace them very early. The wheels are durable with 80A not very soft, not very hard, and bearings are specially designed for high speed. The board can take you far with fairly good speed in one push

The Junli Freeride longboard is not meant for tricks, do not believe that. It is a good longboard in a way that the rides with it are smooth, the longboard has a good turning radius, and it goes over cracks and bumps pretty easily. All that makes it suitable for downhill riding. 

If I had to compare it with one longboard I’d say that it gives me the feel of a Volador 42-inch freeride longboard in terms of stability and speed. This one is lighter than that and also goes faster.


The JUNLI Freeride longboard is a good choice for downhill because of the speed along with the stability that it provides. So, go for it if you want to learn or practice downhill longboarding skills.

  • Good for beginners and heavy people since it can carry up to 330 lbs
  • The deck is stable and strong
  • Other components such as wheels, trucks, and bearings are good quality
  • Not for tricks

8.Sector 9 Drop Through Complete Longboard

Sector 9 is known for its good quality longboards and this Drop Through Complete longboard is no different. It comes in interesting patterns and is good for not only downhill but cruising and freeriding too. Here are the things I’d like to comment on.


This longboard has large and soft wheels which are good for speeding and goes over small rocks and hurdles with no difficulty. Unlike the other inexpensive longboards, this one does not have wheels of mediocre quality but rather high-quality components.


The deck has a concave for gripping your feet, preventing them from sliding off. There is a slight lip on both ends of the deck which I think is a very good addition. You cannot only do tricks with that but can also get super creative. I enjoyed that very much.

The ride is smooth, with smooth good turning and carving, and fairly good speed. Quality-wise the bearings and trucks are legit and they do not need to be changed to take it downhill. I know this because I rode this Sector 9 longboard constantly for months without any complaints. 

In comparison to sector 9 Aperture, I like this one more because it doesn’t wobble at high speed and is a good option for downhill, unlike Aperture. The trucks turn the right amount and do not feel like sliding off at high speed. 


I suggest this longboard for downhill riding because it will not cause you road rash at high speed and it is a pretty reliable longboard. It is a little higher in price but worth it.

  • Good quality components
  • Do not wobble on high speed
  • Stable
  • A little pricey

9.Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard

Sector 9 Lookout is one of the best sellers from Sector 9 and is a really good longboard. Here is the review for it.


Starting by commenting on its stability, I’ll give it a 9/10 on that. It is a drop-through mounted longboard that effectively lowers the center of gravity making it stable even though the center of the deck is slightly higher than the ends. The 10-inch trucks are one of the main reasons for them being very stable.


This longboard has high-quality trucks which alone cost $50, these trucks are purposely made for carving and cruising. The ride quality on roads is better than many other expensive longboards because of these trucks. It is smooth with effortless carving and turning. The stock tuning is on the looser side which allows responsiveness when turning, however the longboard wobbles at a higher speed which makes it not very suitable for riding on steep, big hills.


The deck is the right amount of stiff and flexible. Although the bamboo decks are known to be lightweight, this one is quite heavy. It has a W-shaped concave which makes rocking your feet back and forth easy to create the energy needed for carving and speeding. There are no kicktails so doing tricks is not practical.


Other things such as wheels are soft, wide, and grippy. They easily go over small rocks and pebbles and they maintain speed better than the small wheels. The bearings were good when I got the longboard, however, they got worn out quickly and I had to replace them with better ones which made the ride quality even better. 

I like this one more than Aperture in terms of stability and downhill riding. Sector 9 Drop Through is a better option for downhill riding since it does not wobble at high speed.


I recommend the Sector 9 Lookout for cruising and riding on broad roads to commute. It is good for beginners and experts too and to practice your skills. You can also take it on small hills but not on the big ones.

  • Comes in cute designs and graphics
  • The longboard is stable so this is a good choice for someone who is learning
  • The amazing quality of trucks improves the ride quality to a good extent
  • Good speed and the tempo does not break very often
  • Foot placement and grip on the board are steady
  • There are no kicktails so you cannot get very creative
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Heavy so it is not possible to carry it all the way
  • The grip tape is transparent so it gets dirty and shows off quickly
  • Cannot take tight turns

10.Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard

The Atom All-Terrain Longboard is a pretty famous and hyped longboard, it has a rating of 4.8 on Amazon and numerous 5-star reviews. So here’s my review of the Atom All-Terrain Longboard.


The Atom All-Terrain Longboard comes with a drop deck with the middle of the deck slightly lower to ensure stability. Even though it is a drop-deck and very stable, I feel like it is still a bit higher from the ground so pushing and breaking can be a bit straining. The deck allows a little flex which is good for speeding.

This longboard rides like a dream. It has no problem with going over any surface whether it be a rough surface, smooth surface, or thorny surface, you will fly. There is no wheel bite and you can easily carve at high speed. This is how I ride, I take sharp and speedy cuts, so it rolls and cuts like magic.


The most prominent feature is its giant wheels like that of the MBS All-Terrain Longboard. Honestly, they are heavy so I’m not a fan of them. However, they give good performance and are suitable for downhill. The trucks might feel like plastic but give a nice carving and turning experience.

Now, some of the problems that I experienced were that it wobbles at speeds higher than 15mph so it is not a very good idea to ride it at very high speed. Another thing that I noticed is that the wheelbase makes the wheels stick out from the deck size which I think is dangerous You must be very cautious of that to avoid any injuries and that makes this longboard unsuitable for beginners.


This is a suitable longboard for riding downhill if you take care of a few things. Mind it this is not for tricks as the sides are heavy because of wheels and bearings, this longboard is made to make you feel grounded. I would totally recommend it.

  • Good in terms of stability
  • Turning and maneuverability is smooth making the all-over ride quality good
  • The wheels go over hurdles without any difficulty
  • Good quality trucks
  • This longboard is a bit heavy so it is impractical to carry it all the way
  • Wobbles at a very high speed
  • Bearings are mediocre

11.seething 42 Inch Longboard

Next on my list is the seething 42 Inch Longboard. This longboard is so inexpensive but gives the feeling of an expensive longboard. Let me explain whether it is suitable for downhill riding or not.


Beginning with its deck, the seething 42-inch longboard got a wide and a long deck which makes sure that the ride is stable. I used to fly in this thing without any fear of sliding off the board. The longboard also has a slight concave to make the stability better and the grip tape is good. Honestly, I love the deck of this board because it is so stable and sturdy.

One problem with cheap longboards is that their bearings are of mediocre quality when they arrive; however, if you replace them with something better the ride quality will improve greatly. For a longboard this cheap I don’t think that is a bad deal, that is what I did.


The wheels are good for riding downhill as they come, and so are the trucks. I did not feel any wheel bite and the turning was also smooth. I do think that it might wobble with a heavier person like with someone heavier than 250lbs. 


Seething 42-inch longboard can be ridden downhill after tweaking it a bit and replacing some components. Otherwise, it is good for commuting and cruising on the streets as soon as you get it.

  • It is so stable making it a good choice for beginners
  • The turning and overall riding were smooth
  • The wheels go over the rough surface smoothly
  • The deck is stiff making it suitable for speeding
  • The nuts in the wheels need to be loosened as the wheels were not rolling
  • The bearings need to be replaced if you want to take it downhill

12.Fireball Arbor x Supply Co. Longboard Pocket Rocket

Now the Fireball Arbor Longboard is different from all the longboards in this series because it is a shawty. I’m not very fond of small Longboards like this one which is 27 inches long as it is difficult to keep the balance on these. However, I liked the Fireball Arbor Longboard, and here’s my review of it.

low cost but good performance

The good thing about this Pocket Rocket Longboard is that it is very inexpensive as compared to the high-quality components that come in it. The Paris Trucks have a smooth turning and bearings also work nicely out of the box.

The deck of this Longboard is small and narrow, not too narrow that it becomes difficult to stand on the board, it is just the right size of small. The dimensions of the deck of this longboard make it perfect for cruising around the city or commuting but I think I would prefer something more stable for riding downhill.

When the deck and wheelbase are small in size the wheels are also small but for how small they are they roll well. Surprisingly, there is no vibration from the road and the wheels picked up good speed. There was also no wheel bite.

The overall ride is pleasant with smooth turning and carving. The trucks make the longboard more stable and bearings are of high quality, unlike many other cheap longboards where you have to replace the bearings as soon as they come. 


I suggest this longboard if you are looking for something to commute and cruise but when it comes to riding downhill it’s best if you go for something bigger and more stable unless you are an expert. The Fireball Arbor Longboard exceeded all my expectations.

  • This longboard is very inexpensive compared to its competitors
  • It is lightweight and very handy so you can easily carry it
  • The bearings trucks are of good quality so you don’t have to replace them
  • The designs on the longboard are aesthetic
  • The deck is not for tall people because it is small
  • Not suitable for doing tricks you might slip off

Guide to choose Downhill Longboards

Which deck styles are available in longboards for downhill

This is one of the most important features that you have to look for when choosing the longboard for downhill. Deck style is basically how the deck is mounted on top of the trucks. You can ride downhill on any longboard but some deck styles are better than the others in terms of stability and turning. There are mainly four types of mounts:


In a drop-through longboard, the trucks are mounted through the board. There is a hole in the space of the mount, where the deck goes first, and then the truck is fixed. What it does is that it lowers the center of gravity by lowering the deck, making the board more stable. However, there is less leverage over the wheels and trucks. It does not provide a smooth slide and turns. These are not very good for downhill. You can modify them into a top mount.


This is the type of board where the place of the deck where you put your feet is lower than the trucks. This provides greater stability by lowering the center of gravity. Unlike drop-through, you can directly push the trucks. The leverage is less on the trucks but it is easier to slide. This can make a good downhill longboard


Longboarders place the deck flat on the trucks. This is quite unstable because of the direct input on the trucks. It’s easier to push down, has more grip, and has more downward force on the wheels.


This has features of both a drop-through and drop-down board. Your feet are closest to the ground and you are very stable. However, this is quite uncommon due to technical engineering.

Which deck type you should go for as a beginner

When I started longboarding, my first longboard was a drop-through. It provided me with the stability I required as a newbie. Then I got a drop-down longboard and I found it much better than drop-through for downhill because of the direct input on the trucks. So my suggestion for beginners is to go for a drop-down because of the stability and it is not too bad for carving and sliding too. Do not go for top-mount as of yet as it can be very unforgiving and can throw you off.

Which deck type you should go for as an intermediate

If you are an intermediate, you have figured out how to maintain balance and carve downhill, there is a type that combines both drop and top mounting. There is a slight drop on the deck, but it improves the stability a lot, and sliding is also easy. It is called a rocker. I tried a board of this type before moving to the top mount and I liked it so much. This can prepare you better for the next step.

Which deck type you should go for as an expert

Top mounted all the way! It is a racer’s favorite choice and mine too. If you can handle the unforgiveness of the top mount, the experience is phenomenal. The grip is so good, and direct leverage on the truck makes carving and sliding so easy.

Does the stiffness of the board matters?

A longboard flex can be soft, medium, or stiff. The more flexed or soft board deck is good for carving, however, it is not ideal for speeding. When riding downhill, speed is a very big factor. Stiff boards are the most stable at high speed because of the spontaneous control and feedback of trucks and wheels. So, in my experience stiffness matters a lot, the more flexed the board is, the more dangerous it is when riding downhill.

How much stuff is good?

When selecting a longboard for downhill, carefully read the description and look for ‘speed stiff’ written there. These boards are usually made up of 8 or 9 layers of wood, commonly made of maple while birch and bamboo are not bad too. Sometimes there are also combinations of wood and metal to make the board stiff, like bamboo combined with carbon fiber. These boards are stiff yet lightweight which makes them most suitable for downhill.

 The ideal truck for downhill longboards

Now, let’s talk about another important thing that you cannot overlook while selecting a longboard for downhill, trucks. Whether you choose a drop-down or top mount deck, always go for a truck called a longboarding truck.

These are reverse kingpin Trucks ideal for high speeding. These also provide smooth slides, turns, and more control. A plus point that I noticed with my experience is that adjusting the nuts in these trucks is also very handy. Tighter nuts give a stiff feeling and are good for speeding.

Truck width and deck width must align with each other

This is a very important point for your safety. If the deck size does not match the truck and the deck is bigger it might disbalance at speed. If the deck is smaller, it might feel more stable but very rough turning.

Rail matching is very important, so here are some perfect matches: a 10inch deck with 180mm trucks, a 9.5inch deck with 165mm trucks, and a 9-inch deck with 140mm trucks. It is good if you do not go for a very narrow deck such as 9 inches.

What type of wheels are suitable?

The best kind of wheels for downhill are sharp-tip wheels. This lip profile will provide more grip with good slide quality. Square-lipped is not a bad option either, they will provide a better grip.

70-75mm size is average, not too big nor too narrow, for the diameter of the wheels. Bigger wheels are more prone to wheel bite, and smaller wheels get damaged quickly. The width of the wheels must be wide for good grip but too wide can compromise turn quality.

A Durometer is a measure of the softness of the wheels. A lower durometer means softer wheels provide good grip and are preferred for downhill. I will suggest starting with an 80a durometer. You will find out whether you want a higher durometer which means more durable wheels or a lower durometer which means a good grip.

How does the size of the wheelbase matter?

The distance between where the deck is mounted on both ends is called the wheelbase. A longer wheelbase of about 25 inches to 30 inches is better for stability at a higher speed. Therefore, it is a good choice for beginners. A longer wheelbase is not very carve-friendly but is more controllable.

A shorter wheelbase gives you too much control of the wheels, pushing and breaking are easier. In my opinion, as a beginner, you should avoid these as you can fall off quickly upon making a small mistake. 

What else should be taken care of?

After covering a whole lot of stuff, there are still things that need to be properly analyzed before getting a longboard for downhill. Here’s some more stuff:

Suitable deck dimension and shape

We discussed how the deck should be mounted. Now, the shape of the deck does not matter much, most people, including myself, prefer a concave deck. The dimensions of the deck are a very important aspect that you cannot miss out on. It is important as it directly affects the stability, slides, and comfort. Decks come in a variety of lengths and widths. Anything between 37 inches and 43 inches long is good to go, shorter than that can make the ride uncomfortable and unstable. I’d suggest not to go for a very narrow board like anything less than 9.5 inches if you are a beginner. You have to put narrow trucks with narrow boards that are not easy to control.

Kicktails – needed or not?

Kicktails are the favorite part of those who love doing tricks. It is too much fun to use them while cruising and freestyle riding around the city. They are not a must when riding downhill but it is not bad to have them either. They don’t affect the performance or anything.

Feet grip and placement

Feet grip is achieved by grip tape. A rough grip tape is a good option as it holds your feet firmly and helps you to stabilize and not slide off while going downhill at speed. There are some options like seismic tape and viscous tape

Feet placement depends on the cut on the deck, there is a V cut and W cut, either one is good to hold your feet in place. You can also get a foot stop, which is used for the same purpose.

Baseplate angle

The baseplate angle is used for turning purposes. It can be anywhere between 40 degrees to 50 degrees. Greater angles are more responsive to turn action, while smaller angles feel more stable at high speed. Setting the angle at 50 degrees is good.


When riding downhill you are going to need different settings as a beginner and as an expert. I have tried to differentiate the two. All the other things, you will learn with an experience like I did. Take a careful look into the mount types and trucks. These two are important. Stay safe and happy Downhill riding!