5 Best Longboards For Dancing

Updated: 17th August – 2023

This goes back to a few years ago when I got my first longboard. I knew I could perform stunts and tricks on the longboard but the idea that I can dance while riding it at full speed completely blew my mind. So there started my journey of this new cool thing. 

I got my hands on a few longboards initially. Some of them were good and some were complete disasters for me since I was still a newbie. I was not confident and it took a lot of trial and error to understand completely that Longboard dancing is not something that you can learn overnight.

It is a work of technique and delicacy to move your legs and shift your body weight on the deck and your longboard selection plays a huge part in it. There are longboards designed for this purpose with increased comfort, maneuverability, and agility. An added feature of the best longboards for dancing is the effective foot platform. 

The size of the deck; the bigger the better, the mount of the deck, the shape of the deck, the flex of the board, and the wheels and trucks are the things that must be looked into when selecting a good longboard for dancing.

Below is my tried and tested list of 10 best longboards for dancing:

1. Loaded MATA Hari Bamboo Longboard

best dancing longboard-Mata Hari longboard

The first longboard of this series is MATA Hari Bamboo Longboard. It is made for advanced dancing and freestyle and has all the specifications of a rounder dancing longboard, It is second from Loaded Boards the first was Loaded Bhangra. 

A good thing about MATA hari in comparison to its predecessor Bhangra is that it is significantly light-weighted and more concise than the other. The size of the deck, 44.5″ x 9.25″, is spacious enough for comfortable movement and reduces the chance of falling, and agile enough to allow advanced dancing tricks.

The board has good stability and sturdiness. The shape of the deck tricks and dancing friendly with a top mount, concave in the deck providing tight foot grip over all, and wide kicks along the foot place. Something that I liked about the MATA Hari longboard is that when it lands upside down after I perform a dancing trick, the top surface and rails of the board do not get affected because of the kicks. 

I found the flex of the board very appropriate, it did not feel unstable and I did not experience any rattling because of the bumps in the road. I would recommend this longboard to beginners because of the forgiveness it offers. It is unlikely that you experience any dangerous fall because of cracks and rocks in the road except if you make some grievous mistake.

The grip tape is also there in all the right places, absent in the center and available around the rails, making it easy to perform tricks like pirouettes, spins, and pivots. The huge wheel wells ensure that there is no wheel bite even with the loose trucks to perform some dancing tricks. It also has three wheelbase options making it user-friendly and suitable for different riders.

The only negative aspect of this longboard is that there is less foot space for broad walking and cross-stepping. This longboard has incredible responsiveness and smooth turning and carving because of its uplifted rails. I love performing pirouettes and spin tricks on this longboard.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Very responsive, makes the overall feel great
  • An allrounder – good for dancing, cruising, freestyle, as well as commuting
  • The deck is poppy and easy to flip
  • Affordable and beautiful design.
  • Less space for footwork
  • A little narrow deck might not be suitable for people with big feet
best dancing longbaord for beginners-best trucks for tricks
wide deck perfect for dancing tricks
huge wheels Mata-Hari -LONGBOARD. no wheel bites
best longboard for performing dancing tricks

2. Volador 46 inch Maple Dancing Longboard

High flex longboard best for dancing

Volador is a brand known for its good quality yet inexpensive longboards. The Volador 46inch Dancing longboard is no different. This longboard is ahead of other dancing longboards as it is also suitable for other disciplines except dancing, for example, I used this longboard for cruising very often.

For dancing, the deck is probably the most important thing to carefully look into, it can make or break your game. The Volador Dancing longboard comes with a thick cold pressed maple. I was astonished by its flexibility even though it is very hard. The flex is just the right amount and it does not make the longboard springy. The longboard stayed stiff and unyielding when performing tricks. The high flex has made the longboard very forgiving on uneven tracks but if you are heavier then you will feel the flex when trying to shift your weight.

The shape of the deck is pointed towards the edge which allows it to cut through the wind. It has a little curve which increases the stability and makes it a good choice for beginners. However, the deck does not allow you to perform flips because of its shape and weight.

The width of the deck provides enough room for your feet and the length of the deck and wheelbase makes it super stable. I prefer this longboard for doing dancing tricks while going downhill.

The trucks and the wheels of the Volador Dancing longboard provide good maneuverability at high speed. The huge wheels feel comfortable when riding at high speed. The trucks and bearings are of fine quality and you do not need to change them at the beginning. You might feel wheel bite as I did when I took sharp turns. 

I like this better than Loaded Bhangra for dancing because it does not feel springy. You can change the bearings and loosen up the trucks according to your taste and style. So, overall this is a good longboard for cruising and dancing.

  • Good for downhill cruising
  • The dimensions of the longboard are appropriate for dancing
  • Smooth turning and carving
  • Great design
  • Cannot do flips
  • Not very easy to carry around because of how big and heavy it is 
high quality trucks and bearings for dancing.
huge wheels for smooth riding
thick cold press maple -flexible deck-best for dancing.

3. Loaded Boards Tarab II Bamboo Longboard

lightweight -best dancing longboard

Loaded Tarab II longboard is a premium longboard from Loaded. It is incorporated with advanced features, and high technicalities and is purpose-built for dancing. Hence it is a bit pricey at $440 but all worth it. 

Some of the key features of the Tarab II longboard is its spacious deck gave me enough confidence for cross-stepping, spinning, and moving while carving at high speed. It has subtle concave and flatter and rocker kicktails which makes the longboard more stable and the ride more comfortable, the design is flip and tricks friendly. 

The construction of the longboard is highly sophisticated making the Tarab II lightweight and eco-friendly. This longboard offers two flex options though damp. Flex 1 is a bit stiff and good for heavy riders. This is suitable for aggressive freestyle riders who enjoy pops and flips involving hard landing. Flex 2 has added flex which makes the longboard more responsive while carving and a little bouncy, this is suitable for lightweight people and for those whose dancing involves spinning and walking with freestyle tricks.

The board has a grip design in the center and on the kicks to avoid interference with the foot movement. The crop layer is installed at the bottom of the deck to provide vibration damping when riding on rough surfaces. The design looks very appealing and aesthetic. 

Tarab II has Paris 180mm V3 (50º) RKP trucks and 65mm Orangatang Fat-Free wheels with 86A durometer. The fat-free wheels make carving smoother because of the grip that they provide. The trucks also offer smooth turning and carving, You can always customize these according to your preference. 


Compared to the other dancing longboards for example LOADED MATA HARI, the TARAB II is a bit longer in size and has flat kicks and damper flex which makes it less technical than MATA HARI for freestyle dancing.

The difference TARAB II has with TARAB I is the cork button and the beautiful graphics so you can or cannot update to TARAB II if you already have TARAB I based on how important these things are for you otherwise both of them are quite similar. 

The composition of TARAB II makes it a highly technical and well-built dancing longboard and one must try it if you are into classic longboard dancing.

  • Very aesthetic feel with the new design and style
  • Good stability with the slight concave and flat kicks not to mention huge foot space
  • Buttery smooth ride because of dampening features of the construction and cork design
  • Very durable
  • A bit expensive
  • No such advancements from TARAB I
Paris trucks for smooth turning-best for dancing
spacious and flexible deck for better dancing tricks.
fat free wheels for smoother carving.

4. Loaded Boards – Dervish Sama Bamboo

Darves sama longboard cover image

Another Dancing longboard from loaded, that i believe is worth mentioning, is Loaded, Dervish Sama

The Dervish Sama is known to be a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none because of the variety of dancing styles you can adopt while riding it including cruising and freestyle, carving and pumping, and of course dancing. It is famous for its durability and versatility.

I think the reason why Dervish Sama is such an all-rounder lies in its construction. Its deck is big and wide enough to provide ample foot traction making it a good choice to explore new dancing techniques and perform footwork. I found the drop-through design highly stable so as a beginner if you want to learn longboard dancing then the Dervish Sama is for you.

A very important feature of this longboard is the flex in the deck. It is just the right amount of flex I must say. The flexy feels are good for carving and freestyle and a bit hard stiff is for doing the tricks correctly. This longboard offers flex1, flex2, and flex3 options for different riders depending on their riding style and weight.

There are short and high kicktails installed on the longboard which makes it great for doing tricks and pops. There is subtle concave for foot locking and significant concave on the nose and kicks which keeps your feet in place. The grip tape is more rigid on the kicktails than the middle of the deck so that you can easily move your feet. 


If I compare it to the other Loaded dancing longboards, it is not as big as the loaded bhangra and has a bit more flex and bigger wheel cutouts. Otherwise, the feeling of pumping and carving is better in this longboard than any other, it almost feels like snowboarding.

Another Loaded board that is very similar to dervish Sama is loaded Tan tien. Tan tien is more compact than Sama, it is also lighter so it is easier to perform flips on tan tien. Sama has more flex hence better for carving and pumping. 

  • Good for all riding styles an all-in-one dancing longboard
  • The flex makes the carving effortless
  • Can be configured according to your requirements
  • Not lightweight to carry around
  • Less tight turning because of its size
Dervish Sama longboard
Dervish Sama longboard
Loaded Dervish Sama 2

5. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber

magneto carbon longboard

I have been a fan of Magneto longboard for quite some time especially for downhill riding board. The Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboard is strong and flexible because of its construction. This longboard is 46’’ in length and 9.5’’ wide, which are ideal dimensions for a dancing longboard.

The deck of the longboard has a nice arch and a subtle concave which makes it very comfortable to ride. The flex of this deck is moderate unlike other extremely springy decks so it is easier to do and learn tricks and flips. The large deck gives ample platform for footwork. The drop-through mount and concave of the deck improve the stability of the longboard. I recommend this longboard if you are a beginner at dancing. 

This longboard is super stable and rides like water at a higher speed too and flows over the flaws of the roads. There are symmetrical kicks that are a bit higher than the deck for the tricks. Magneto dancing longboard was the longboard I learned dancing on with multiple failed attempts at flips. Even after the rough use of six months, it was not in an unrideable condition.

The design on the Magneto longboard is beautiful, but a part of me did not want to take it on the road because that would compromise its glossy texture and transparent grip tape. You can trust this longboard while carving and it handles tight turns pretty well too if you keep your balance. 

Honestly, Magneto Bamboo Dancing Longboard is a great pick for someone who wants to learn longboard dancing because it is highly stable and it is cheaper than the other loaded dancing longboards. If you are learning there is a high chance you are going to make mistakes so starting with this longboard is a good option. The wheels and the bearings are quite mediocre but you can easily replace them with better ones and it is still a good deal considering the low price of the longboard. 

  • Looks very beautiful with a good design
  • Inexpensive
  • Stable and comfortable ride
  • Smooth carving and turns
  • Heavy and thus difficult to carry around
  • Needs adjustments 
magneto carbon longboar 1
magneto longboard
magneto longboard for dancing

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