10 Best Longboards for Cruising

Looking for a cruiser longboard that allows easy transportation while commuting or simply rolling around? But don’t you have the time to do your research for finding the best longboards for cruising? Then worry not! I got you.

Nerds on Board team went on the hunt and tried out various boards because We understand how frustrating it can be to be unable to get your hands on the cruiser board that best suits your needs. To choose the best board on the market that meets all of your cruiser needs, we did our best to test various boards in various leagues and competitions. So whether you’re a beginner starting with long boarding or a seasoned Pro looking for cruising options, this guide will be helpful.

So let’s start by looking at finest longboard choices for cruising based on stress testing and thorough evaluation of our team!

1. Icarus Bamboo LongboardLoaded Boards

looking for a cruiser longboard

The Icarus Bamboo Longboard is the first board that grabs our attention when its comes to longboard cruising. It is, however, the narrowest board that I have ever ridden. This narrow board helps to keep the board light though it is 8.6 inches wide. A few distinctive and intriguing aspects of the Icarus constructions significantly improved the ride. 

It has a 5 part vertically laminated bamboo foundation and is made of triaxial epoxy and fiberglass. All of this is combined into a convex and concave chamber, resulting in a lively and incredibly responsive ride.

best cruiser board

The wheel well flares were one of the things I noticed. The extreme curvature of Loaded is produced by “biscuit” inserts. These “biscuit” inserts were used to lessen stress on the board and avoid cracking. 

I was learning how to squeeze after a 10-mile-long ride, and I believe I’ve gotten the hang of it. When the board rebounds, it was a lot of fun. At 25 mph, the board feels pretty stable. As a beginner longboarder who tried this board, it seems ideal for what they are trying to learn about the sport. 

They were also surprised at how much shock absorption the board had when they went over some rough terrain (the terrain where you might feel numbness on your feet). Another feature, that we could tell from our stress test, makes this board stand out from the competition is its base, a cork layer. It is used to dampen the ride for smooth and comfortable cruising. 

However, getting used to riding the Icarus took a little while. When you first look at it, the convexity throws you off, but as soon as you step onto the board, it flattens out. 

The Flex 2 was fantastic; it was incredibly flexy and responsive. It has a surfy feel thanks to its flex, which makes it possible to lean into carves. I discovered it was much more responsive and fun with such loose trucks. The board comes to life when the flex is pumped into it.

Bottom Line:

Wrapping it, I would say it is a superb board as it provides you enough speed for hitting hills or reasonable size, has good flex, and is enjoyable for carving. Over bumps, larger wheels made the ride smoother, making you occasionally feel like you are floating. Although the board is a little expensive, it is worthwhile.

  • Lightweight, which makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • Greater flex
  • Durable deck with bamboo construction
  • A fashionable style that makes head turns
  • A bit pricey
  • Might get a cracking sound from the trucks
cruising icarus bambo longboard
bambo cruiser
bambo cruiser longboard
best cruiser board

2. B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard (41 Inch)

B Baijia longboard cruiser

This B BAIJIAWARI Drop-Through board is another great board for cruising. It is incredibly roomy, making it a fantastic board to ride on. A safer option like B BAIJIAWEI is a wise choice if you are a beginner and still looking out for your riding style. 

Going downhill with this type of deck gives a low center of gravity to increase the stability. Additionally, the design makes pushing, sliding, and controlling simpler. The 41 inches deck also makes it easier to lock your feet on the board, providing additional stability. 

Moreover, the board has robust wheels and bearings to the deck and guaranteed top speed. The wheels are reasonably elastic and have an equitable amount of durability, hardness, and speed. I have taken this board on a reasonably steep hill and simply driven the Green Belt, and these polyurethane wheels made me easily reach 20 to 25 mph.

And to handle the pressure, aluminum trucks were used. They appear to be of reasonable quality, though after a few days of use, they started making a knocking sound. However, the square profile wide 80A wheels give plenty of traction. 

drop through cruiser

Given the price, it is safe to assume that you won’t get the best features with it. However, they tried to build it up with good budget options.

I found this board very beneficial for cruising and the sophisticated appearance is cherry on top. You can simply stand on this board comfortably and fit your feet inside without any fear. Moreover, when checking this board on rough terrains, it proved to be the best because of its shock-absorbing power. It was easy to manage the board and maintain balance because of its shock-absorbing power. 

Bottom Line:

Consider adding the B BAIJAWEI longboard to your bucket list if you want to enjoy descending hills quickly or riding for long commute. It performed well for beginners and experienced cruising fans of our group and is undoubtedly a substantial investment. Also, if you are tight on budget, this is your way. 

  • There is a tonne of space on the deck
  • Speedy bearings with strength
  • Use of high-quality deck materials made in a budget-friendly range
  • Simple to cruise on and slide
  • Some components might need a repair after a few months of use
  • Trucks might make a rattling sound which can be fixed by tightening them a bit
B baijia longboard stress test
cruiser longboard suggestion
cruiser longboard suggestion

3. APOLLO Longboard Skateboards

Best choice for longboard cruising

Appolo longboards have been in the industry for so long, and no doubt you have listened about their boards once. I got my hands on this drop-through board to evaluate what features it has, so you don’t have to do the research. 

It’s time to roll it on the streets to see if it’s good.

When I got this board on the streets, the board’s response to riding and turning was excellent, all thanks to its incredibly smooth bearings. This board was durable, even more demanding, and lighter than the typical Canadian maple longboards currently available on the market. Thats because its equipped with high-quality materials used in its construction.

You can use this drop-through board not only for cruising but for carving, commuting, downhill riding. The boarders from our team liked the board because it enabled them to move quickly and wherever they wanted.

It has a sturdy, mid-sized 39-inch Deck that allows for increased flexibility when cruising and forgiving mistakes when riding quickly. Designed with a flexible three-layered bamboo core. The top and bottom fiberglass layers provide stability and strength to the deck. 

The board is equipped with 7-inch FatCat aluminum alloy trucks stronger than the streets you ride on. Medium-hard wheels allow for sliding and carving for a more dynamic, freeride experience. Your ride is precise and stable, thanks to ABEC 9 RS high-speed chrome steel bearings.

The wheel-bite on this board was annoying, and you can’t fix it without spending more money or making additional modifications.


APOLLO is a versatile, strong, and accommodating riding partner for riders of all skill levels. The increased flexibilty makes it a great choice for cruising. With this, it’s your time to rule the streets!

  • Stable and comfortable to ride on
  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for beginners and pro-level riders
  • High-quality wheels and bearings guarantee a safe ride
  • The trucks might need to be tightened before use because they are a slightly loose
  • Turning might cause the wheel bite
Apollo cruising boards
Apollo longboard skateboard

4. DB Longboards Harbinger Street Cruiser

Db longboard harbinger cruising test

Looking for a cruiser board that meets your downhill and freeride requirements? Then Harbinger Street Cruiser is what you need. This new longboard from pantheon is winning the hearts of many longboarders, and the squad was very excited to try this board and has to join the bandwagon.

When tucking down the hills or throwing slides, the Harbinger Street Cruiser helped keeping the feet locked on the board for prolonged stability. While riding this board, it proved to be the ideal accomplice for your daily ride as its cotton-soft cloud wheels from CloudRide made the cruising super fun and comfortable. 

While evaluating its design and maneuverability, it showed beyond doubt that it can move smoothly on grit and grime, sewer grates, pavements, and whatnot!

And the best thing was riders were not even aware that they were passing through the tiny bumps or cracks when using this board. 

The double kick tail shape pleads you to do a few tricks on your way to cruising, while the wheel cutouts make you extremely steerable. Also, it is equipped with Legendary Atlas trucks, which are both strong and light enough to lift you off the ground.

The trucks are ideal for carving, cruising, and freeriding because it has cone bushing on the board side and cone bushing on the roadside. That’s not all; the grip tape also received my teammate’s attention. It has some incredible details with screen-printed designs. 

Bottom Line:

In short, with its highly functional design and quality components, the DB Harbinger Street Cruiser’s longboard will make a good travel companion while you explore the city or going for long commutes.

  • Great for beginners as well as experts
  • Wheel cutouts make it easy to ride on grit and grime
  • Can do tricks on this board
  • Grip tape with screen-printed design
  • A bit pricey
  • Bearings are not fast enough
haribinger longboard

5. Sanview Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

sanview bambo longboard

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sanview Cruiser Longboard somewhere, whether you’re new to cruiser boards or looking for an upgrade on your current board. We made the novices and experts ride this longboard for cruising, and guess what? It turned out fantastic for both of them. 

If we talk about the Deck Quality, I was very impressed with the quality of board considering its a budget board. Its deck is made up of premium 1 ply maple, and 7 plies Canadian Maple. The 42 inches long deck and the 9.5 inches width made it incredible to balance on as it gives the riders more room to lock their foot.

Moreover, the board is intricately carved with contemporary and original graphics. The board style is drop-through, which lowers the longboard’s center of gravity and increases stability. However, it was suitable for cruising, carving, tight turns, and stability.

The Bearings rolled really well. The vibrations were very low on different terrains with a low noise. In my opinion the bearing cage on this Sanview board is another element that contributes to its likeness. They are good quality, not as good as my Bones red, but still they are quite good. Nylon Ball Cages made me win races as they reduced the number of spin frictions and collisions resulted in extended life of bearings.

But I wish only if it had fast-moving bearings, It would have been one-of-a-kind. But that’s not the end of the world here for this board.

Talking about Speed, although for most of the budget boards you have to suffer a lot with the speed, but with this one you won’t suffer a lot. I won’t say its a speed demon, but i would say in terms of speed this was one of the best longboard from Playshion in terms of speed.

Wheels are little squishy and i had no problems with them – no holes no chunking.

For Trickability, I won’t say its a trick centered board. It can definitely support some tricks, but mostly the ones that involve back tail. However, If you’re looking to perform tricks with front tail, this won’t be the right choice for you.

When I got on the board, the speed was fair enough, but there was a trick. Only make the one-half turn at a time, and then cruise the board to see how it responds. Moreover, the Canadian maple and bamboo increase the deck’s flexibility and comfort. Anyone under 260 lbs can easily use the board comfortably without worrying about the fall. 


So this board is quite a decent choice for cruising. The vibrations are very low, the speed is decent, wheels had no hole or chunking and the Deck quality is really impressive for a budget board.

  • Great graphics on the board that make head turns
  • Ideal size for novices as well as experts can also ride it with comfort
  • Great for cruising and carving 
  • Canadian maps and Bamboo used in its construction work well to provide stability
  • Bearings can be improved
  • Bushings are soft
sanview longboard
sanview cruiser board

6. The Super Cruiser 36″ Quest

quest super cruiser street test

The Super Cruiser is a unique board with distinctive features grabbing the attention of many skaters. When we compare this board with its competitors with the same price tag, it appears to be quite remarkable and stands out in every other way. 

Its deck comprises layered hardwood with lovely artisan maple and bamboo that has been meticulously detailed to perform well on every terrain. When I took this longboard out over the road, I was genuinely surprised by how well it performed for such a low-cost board. 

However, after a challenging week and many miles of riding, I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed the notes I had taken. After using this board, one of the leading things I noticed was how smooth each ride was. Every part of the board, from the wheels to the trucks to the main body, helped take away the sensation of bumpy streets so that I could simply glide through the streets.

The Super Cruiser Remix’s extreme lightness increased the fun of cruising and made my ride from one place to another quickly like a breeze. When riding downhill or on an uneven surface, the board’s unmatched engineering would keep you stable for a longer period. 

Bottom Line:

Wrapping it, I would say it is a great choice for cruising as it provides you enough speed for long commutes and even hitting hills. Has a reasonable size, good flex, and is enjoyable for carving. Over bumps, larger wheels made the ride smoother, making you occasionally feel like you are floating. Although the board is a little expensive, it is worthwhile.

  • The board is very strong and well constructed
  • It will give you a smoother and safer ride at a reasonable cost
  • Appropriate for both movie and experienced riders
  • The stability of trucks allows beginners to gain a firm grip
  • The bearings are a bit sluggish
  • It might not be possible to turn a full radius
super-cruiser board
quest super cruiser longboard

7. DB Longboards Paradigm Drop Through

db longboard cruising options

One of the longboard companies with a reputation for producing high-end products with cutting-edge technology is DB Longboards. They provide dependable products and are high-performing at a reasonably competitive cost for quality.

To evaluate its speed, the riders with their full-face helmets took the board downhill at full speed, and to our surprise, it performed well, giving them an extravagant speed. Moreover, they also enjoyed freeriding on this board as it has a shorter wheelbase and concave that creates spaces for the foot, making power slides as natural as you think.

As the name implies, it is a drop-through board with a lower center of gravity, which made the ride more stable and responsive. The deck is 8-ply thick, sandwiched together for dependable stiffness and control. Also, it includes multiple mounting opportunities on a board with a customizable wheelbase, which allowed our boarders to find the precise wheelbase that is most effective for them. 

The team tested the board in different positions like moving axles for more stability and lean, moving the board out for quicker pop, better traction, greater agility, and lower swing weight. Also, the board has perfect cutouts that add a room to prevent wheel bites. 

A slight concave is needed to provide your feet with natural curves to lock into it. Since it all comes down to preference, picking the right concave can be challenging.

This longboard consists of a W concave, with raised sides and a slight hump in the center of the platform. This is a popular option for freeride because it provides some further support where the toes or heels of the riders sustain for slides.

Moreover, its equipped with Atlas Reverse Kingpin Trucks with a massive pivot ball that increases the load-bearing surface area by 50%, giving them more control than conventional pivots and facilitating easier turns.

Also, another thing that sparks the light is self-cleaning, self-centering, and even threaded pivot cup technology from an atlas that allows you to remove them with your axles. 

Bottom Line:

Overall, it is a quite good board if you are just starting out and do’t know which board to get first as it will provide you stability with some speed to catch the breeze. 

  • Simple to control
  • Made up of sustainable material; Bamboo
  • Attractive construction with a strong body
  • Great for both beginners and experienced riders
  • There are chances that the wheel nut might get loose after some time of use. However, you can tighten it.
  • Loud and noisy trucks
DB cruser longboard team evaluation
DB longboard inspection
Db paradigm drop through

8. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Play shion longboard review

The playshion is undoubtedly attracting some attention given the numerous favorable reviews. I was also interested in this board as many longboarders adore it, so I also wanted to look at why it is so hype.

Then my team and I started researching to determine the primary cause of the hype. And to be completely honest,  I am impressed with the cause after doing extensive research and riding this board for almost a month. 

After looking at this board, I got a positive impression of the deck’s color scheme and graphic design. Another factor that makes it a good option for beginners is the drop-through board style; it makes it much easier to ride on it as it is easy to push without bending the knees. 

The deck was constructed using a mixture of rock bamboo and maple, a structure made of 2-ply bamboo and 5-plies of maple that guarantees both flexibility and sturdiness. We tested this quality by making a 200lbs man riding this board.

He smoothly made his flight without fear of getting down or stuck by the bumps. Though it has a weight capacity of 250lbs, I would suggest keeping it low to avoid future mishaps.

The board is equipped with solid and reliable trucks, and it also elevates the board’s appeal. The Reverse Kingpin Trucks are also included, making the sliding and cruising on this board simple, But I wish if it had faster moving trucks.

Bottom Line:

I only needed 30 minutes to get comfortable with the board and another 30 minutes to figure out exactly where I needed to put my feet while riding and making turns in cruising. That being stated, it is fair to say that this board can be a good friend for even beginners as it is easy to ride. 

  • The board is very strong and well constructed
  • A good board for beginners
  • It can be used for cruising, freeriding, or freestyling
  • Wheel bite is slim to none
  • Can perform several tricks on it
  • Bearings are not fast enough
  • Though the company states it can take 250lbs, I would suggest keeping it low
playshion longboard for beginners
playshion longboard
playshion-longboard review

9. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

white wave bambo longboard choices for beginners

If I say White Wave longboards are also a game changer in the longboarding industry, that wouldn’t be wrong. Many boarders in praised its bamboo longboard for its quality. They are overjoyed that this one is offered at such a low cost.

My team then hopped to the market to get their hands on this board to evaluate its pricing for the goodness it offers.

The first appearance of the board was quite good. The deck has a lovely look and is constructed of layers of Canadian maple and bamboo. Even though the natural bamboo and maple layers give the product a stunning appearance, the construction is much more robust.

Additionally, the deck is 40 inches long, giving beginner and novice riders the best performance on downhill rides. The slight or medium concavity of the longboard’s deck makes it more comfortable for the riders and makes swaying and turning much more straightforward than with a flat deck. 

On the top of the deck, heat transfer printing is used to print the graphics. The grip tape on this board is clear, giving it a natural look. 

The trucks have excellent turning and bending characteristics. They make beautiful turns. We didn’t experience any slackness using those drop-through trucks. For creatives, a drop-through truck implies performance, even though it may not seem important to those with no design experience. 

The thing that struck my mind was ABEC 9 Hellion bearing with integrated spacers. They give a smooth ride at incredible speed. When you push off, there won’t be any feeling of resistance.

However, a ceramic bearing might have performed better if you had asked me. If you don’t use your longboards for tricks, ceramic bearings are top of the line and last almost your entire life. 

Also, the wheels are just the right amount of soft—not too soft to cause any friction issues. The wheels are excellent for cruising around, but if you want to power slide or compete in downhill racing, you’ll need harder wheels.

Bottom Line:

Overall, it’s an excellent longboard to start on for beginners or experienced riders looking for a longboard for cruising. We felt at great ease using it.

  • Simple to control
  • Made up of sustainable material; Bamboo
  • Attractive construction with a strong body
  • Great for both beginners and experienced riders
  • There are chances that the wheel nut might get loose after some time of use. However, you can tighten it. 
  • Loud and noisy trucks
white wave bambo longboard
longboard beginners bambo

10. Landyatchz Drop Cat Review

landyatchz drop cat review

If you are looking for a compact and easy-to-skate cruiser, Landyatchz Drop Cat should be on your list. It is one of the tiniest cruisers available, measuring 33 inches. It’s close to the floor, easy to skate, and lot’s of fun to turn on. We were really pleased to have that board and for the chance to skate on it often.

On average, most drop-through cruisers have 36 inches deck, making them feel sluggish with slow turning. However, with this small drop-through compact board, you can get the benefits of both worlds. 

The board has significant flex, and the drop-through style lowers your body to the ground, making pushing and foot braking easier. It also adds some fun because you can jump out of the turns but be careful doing so and try not to force the wheels to lose traction as you do. 

However, when it comes to turning, the board does not turn that much, and when it turns, it goes too quickly and sometimes a lot, and then it taps out of that turn. It took me some time to get used to turning and then it was fine. 

That shortness may help carry the board or get a low, close-to-the-ground feeling, but it has a disadvantage. It’s not a double drop. If you wear thick-soled shoes, as I do, you may struggle to feel the trucks with your back foot.

The corners of the board’s end also rise up to add friction and keep your foot in place. Plus, I have more room to move my front foot for trusting one-footed turning while pushing. 

Bottom Line:

In short, this compact and short board is relatively easy to transport, has a nimble feeling when turning, and is lightweight to carry around the town. Also, the small size gives the advantage of performing many tricks on it. And I believe this tiny standing platform will not suit everyone, particularly those with wider postures. Tall riders will be the most affected, and it’s particularly good for shorties. 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to travel around
  • Can perform a number of tricks
  • Best for short riders 
  • Turns are not good
  • People with wider stances might no get benefit from it
Landyachtz Drop Cat stress test analysis
Landyachtz Drop Cat