Best Bearings Under 100$ – Tested by Pro Players

Best longboard bearings under 100$

“I wish my longboard had better quality bearings.”

 We all have said this at least once after making a longboard purchase.

Do longboard bearings really make a difference? Well, yes bearing will bring peace to your long-boarding life. We don’t believe that until we try, right? Just like our team members who tried at least 13 bearings from brands like Branson, Bones and mini logos with low and high quality for comparison. Here’s the result.

While riding the longboard with low-quality bearings,  our member tripped off the board 3 times even when it was a ride around the street.  However,  with the high-quality bearings,  the wheels and bearings roll right over the rough pavements and obstacles making you feel like you are floating!

So you know what they say right: Quality is everything.

There are so many different features that make one bearing better than the other leaving you all confused.  There are ABEC,  Ceramic,  metal shields, rubber seals, and nylon retainers.  So much to know about and less time to choose the right ones. 

Good thing your quest to find and confusion about the best bearings is about to end here.  Ahead,  we have answered all your burning concerns with the top five best-quality bearings suggestions. Come along.

1. Bronson Speed Co Bearings

Bronson speed co bearings - good speed with les friction

While we were searching for bearings to analyze and experiment on, Bronson Speed G3 Bearings caught our eye immediately. We went up to their original brand website and the features listed there put a stamp on the decision.  We got them!

We have tested these bearings for 7 months on our Erick Winkowski Board. So, the features listed below are what we think these bearings have to offer. They might put a stamp on your purchasing decision too!


  • The newest generation of Bronson Speed G3 has a robust non-distortion glass-filled nylon cage structure, unlike the previous generations. It doesn’t have any rough edges, which means no snagging on the inner or outer race.
  • With the kind of speed with low friction our G3 bearings have to offer, they can compete with any double-priced bearings like Swiss ones. We tested their rolling time as we took the board up to the 6th floor through stairs and the wheels were still spinning by the time we got to the top. If our test doesn’t speak volumes about the speed, we don’t know what will.
  • Overall the Bronson G3 has a lot to offer.  However, audible friction points and noise when bearings spun is the weak point we noticed. When we took out our board for riding, some of the bearings rattled and hummed slightly while spinning. We felt as if the rubber seals were rubbing against something inside the bearing. So to solve that problem, we seated the seals and cleaned them often, which helped a lot.
  • If you want your board to go effortlessly while riding, G3 will make it happen. Have your G3 bearings fitted in your board,  the ride will feel so smooth as if you are walking on the ice.
smooth ride - best longboard bearings for beginners.
  • Maintenance? Yes if you want your G3 bearings to last for years, you will need to clean and oil them often. We would prefer not to call them high maintenance because they only require some cleaning and lube and will provide a result you can never imagine. Our team has had these for two years now and it doesn’t seem like they are planning to give up anytime soon.
  • Lastly, due to the slightly off nylon sizing and lack of spacers, our bearings got damaged and the axle nut fell off, other than that these bearings are a decent choice.

So far,  we would call them a jack of all trades.  Might not be preferred by a few people,  however a perfect beginner or even intermediate-level bearings. In budget and long-lasting!  What else do we want?

  • Can handle High impact Skateboarding
  • Run smoothly
  • Can last long if maintained wisely
  • Not a visible upgrade from G2
  • Slightly hard to oil

2. Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Bones Swiss bearing's - high-speed nylon balls  - accelerate longboard super fast

You want your ride to feel almost cloud-like.  Bones Swiss bearings are for you. These 0.31-pound ball bearings are going to make a huge difference to your everyday riding experience.


  • Should be your top choice if you like riding at your full tilt. You want your longboard to maintain high speed for a long time.  Bones Swiss bearing’s high-speed nylon balls make the board accelerate super fast and maintain better speed than the normal Reds.
  • Let’s look at the price perspective of these bearings.  After analysing and going on test rides on our Erick Winkowiski deck in 159 with 60 mm wheels and these bearings we would say that they are a little too expensive however if you can afford to be particular, we would recommend these. Because if you are riding a spot that requires ×3, the bone Swiss is definitely going to be more helpful than the normal bearings.
  • Bones Swiss Ceramics might give you a tough time when it comes to the noise part. While rolling,  the bearings make some noise which we tried to overcome by putting in sewing machine oil,  even though the smoothness increased to another level,  it did not decrease the noise part.  They might work for you if you like ultra-smooth bearings.
  • We would suggest putting bone speed cream on the bearings every few weeks. When we tested these out in, the first few weeks we rode them through puddles and although the bearings didn’t rust themselves, the casting inside rusted slightly. We were scared about the performance. But after putting some speed cream, the sluggish performance was back to normal.
  • Here comes the difficult part, the lubing. Your bone ceramic only requires one drop of lube per bearing. As loud as we can say it,  over lubing will kill our bearing speed and attract dust and debris. No one wants that,  right?
  • Lastly,  there is one thing we wanted to notify you about after using them for hardcore skating, the bearings got a little fragile and might not last for some years.

If we were to give an opinion on ceramic bearings after using all different kinds. We would say these bearings can only be useful if you try low-impact skating. Moreover,  they are high maintenance and slightly overpriced.

  • Retain their speed
  • Comfortable to ride on
  • Slightly expensive
  • Can’t handle impact better
  • Not so durable

3. Zealous Bearings (Steel)

Zealous bearings p lightweight perfect for cruising

These zealous bearings are like a light at the end of a tunnel for the people who love cruising. Below are the listed features,  these steel affordable bearings are going to provide you with.


  • With our Zealous bearings, you might have to put some effort into cleaning them right after you ride in rain or moisture. As water or dirt causes the bearings to rust in a minute. This is what we experienced when we went out for fun longboarding in the rain,  got lazy after coming back and left the bearings uncleaned. Well,  we had to face the consequences. However,  with the right care,  my friend’s zealous bearings stand the test of time. Quite a deal,  right?
  • The lack of need for loose spacers and speed rings just makes these zealous bearings a perfect match. The built-in spacers and rings give the much-needed stability and don’t slow down while making the swapping wheels a breeze to ride on when you have a wet/dry or gripe/slide setup. Which normally is not the case. When we were riding it around the park,  we could easily crank the but down without sacrificing the speed until there was no play on the wheels.
Zealous bearings with built-in spacers and speed rings
  • The benefits don’t end there. Even though the zealous are great for a cruising experience we noticed a huge change in speed when the longboard went on the slightest downhill gradient. Other than that,  around the normal paths,  they have regular acceleration. The good part? They don’t lose their momentum for a long time making them better than the standard bearings.
  • We would rather buy new bearings than clean the dirt off the old ones. However,  the Zealous stay clean even after the board gets sent into the duff around the place. They contain green rubber seals which don’t let the dirt reach the bearings. Strange as this sounds, we only once cleaned/ lubed the bearings while we were practicing in these for 4 months. And you only have to wipe the outside, which is super easy cleaning,  who wouldn’t love that?
  • Let us tell you another high plus of these bearings,  the sets roll so quietly that it feels like a dream. No sounds like bearings are drilling through the roads which was the case with my old quantum atoms.
  • Lastly,  the bearings have a nano-ceramic grease inside with a thick layer. To make it spread out and loosen properly the thickness we would suggest you take a few long rides and the bearings will start to take off.

Anyone who loves cruising should definitely give these a try. They are low maintenance and easy to ride. But for impact skateboarding, not a really great choice.

  • Can easily maintain speed for a longer time
  • You get sufficient features for the price you pay
  • Perfect for everyday use or cruising
  • Easy to clean and lube
  • Not preferable for impact skateboarding

4. Rollerbones Bearings 8mm

Rollerbones 8mm bearings - tried super smooth.

As we are slowly heading towards the end of the best bearings under 100$ series, the next in line are none other than Rollerbones 8mm bearings.


  • The rollerbones will give you the speed you are looking for.  For the test ride,  we took our Yocaher skateboard with atom pulse lite wheel and rollerbones bearings. Our team team members skated on the road and to our surprise,  they could easily maintain a perfect speed even over the bumpy surfaces. Even while going uphill,  they maintained a nice roll which some expensive bearings could never do.
  • Your ideal bearings need to be smooth and make no peep. Well, I think your ideal has been found. These little fellas are smooth as hell. Our team member while riding didn’t have to kick the board for legit 22 seconds. Coming to the peep parts, as skateboarders, our biggest pet peeve is the squeaking sounds wheels make while riding. These did make some noise when we were tightening the nuts however while riding bearings felt just as quiet as a mouse.
  • Are the bearings easy to install? Yes, we faced no issues installing them. We just pushed them down with one hand and damn they glided against the lock nuts like absolute butter. Easy and quick! As a beginner, you might feel difficulty installing them just like other bearings so we would recommend watching a bearing installation video beforehand.
easy and quick installation.
  • Our rollerbones came pre-lubed with speed cream however if you want them to stay running smoothly for a longer time, we would recommend re-lubing them 4 5 times a year with a couple of speed cream drops.
  • Indoor or outdoor?  These perform just fine both ways. We might sound strange saying this but these bearings are rough and tough,  meaning they will take everything you can dish out and will keep coming back for more. Perfect fit?

All in all,  a good choice we would say!

  • Smooth as butter
  • Roll for a good amount of time
  • Might receive 1 or 2 defective ones
  • Not for professional skateboarders
  • May take a day or two to loosen up


Now the ball is in your court guys. We had fun experimenting with these bearings as a team and tried to give 100% honest reviews to our skateboarding people. The above-mentioned bearings are tested and analyzed for up to a year by our team members.  Things that were considered while testing:

  • The budget
  • High-impact skateboarding or cruising
  • Longevity

We are skateboarders just like you all so we understand the importance of above-mentioned features and did not once turn a blind eye towards these. You can definitely trust us!