Backfire Discus Fish Review (41 inch)

Backfire Discus Review

In search of good beginner boards by different brands, I am here with another review of Backfire Discus Fish.

This time, I chose to try out Backfire, a recently introduced brand. I will share my hands on review after riding more than 400 miles on this board. To my surprise, it turned out so well for such a modest cost. It comes with a deck that is 41 inches long, which is ideal for supporting my feet.

I didn’t anticipate this beast to be so good at sharp corners and challenging surfaces when I first rode it. All thanks to its strong wheels for this. No doubt that the longboard is extremely durable due to its deck being made up of three layers of Semi-carbonized bamboo combined with two additional layers of fiberglass.

Aside from that, the deck is fashionable enough to flaunt in front of your friends while performing tricks. There are a lot of good beginner longboards out there, but this one has all of the necessary components as well as a touch of an inexpensive cost, which makes it pretty appealing for the brand’s quality.

What makes it a good choice?

The Backfire Discus Fish Longboard is a brand new drop-through longboard line introduced in 2021. The longboard is quite cheap yet it offers great manufacturing components and a sturdy deck with little to no flex. Here are few key features i am listing after testing it for more than 1500 miles:

  • Wheels bearings better than i expected
  • Solid deck – sits low and stable with good grip and plenty of space.
  • Concave is comfortable with ability to lock you in.
  • Great choice for beginner as push and turn is easy
  • Flexible board
  • Came with a tool to help me adjust trucks to my need.

I found it an excellent multipurpose option because of its lightweight and length, making it a good choice for riders of all ages and a great value for money. The 41-inch board comes with a U-shaped tip and tail design. Also, it has an OS46 grip tape for a better and smooth riding experience.

Attractive Deck Design

Discus comes with a 41 inches long and 9 inches wide deck. It is made up of three layers of semi-carbonized bamboo and two layers of glass fiber. The concave is extremely comfortable that can lock your feet in a gentle manner.

Try out Backfire Discus Fish longboard

As we talk about its design it has a symmetrical U shape and tip’n tail layout. It also features a laser-cut fish sign on the front of the deck and a black ink fish on the bottom. A good thing about this deck is you can paint the deck in any color of your choice easily. 

The bamboo composition makes it flexible and sturdy, providing a great balance and making the ride more enjoyable and fun. The design was good, but i won’t say over the top.

Backfire discus fish deck stiffness test

The Trucks

This longboard has The 50 Degrees 7-inch unique casting trucks which include a double harness. In addition to this, high rebound Polyurethane bushing ensures stability while providing rapid rebound support.

When i received the board, the trucks initially came loose. However, a tool kit was included in the package for fixing them. So i fixed them to my needs and never had any issue with them.

Fast Moving Wheels

The longboard’s wheels are 65×51 mm in diameter and provide excellent rebound. It has rock-finish ABEC 7 high-speed bearings that allowed me to ride quickly on any surface. The wheel bearing quality was good for the price, but could be further improved.

I didn’t had to worry about wheel bite when making rapid and sharp turns with the Polyurethane wheels. It has improved the quality of my downhill riding experience. Carving is simple, and the longboard comfortably drives me from one location to another.

In order to make turning more easy, you can loose the kingpin nut further. That’s one technique that works well for me.

Segmented Grip Tape

Grip tapes are a grainy, sandpapery layer put to the top of a skateboard deck to help your shoes grip the board. Backfire comes with OS46 Grip Tape with Coarse sand grains at the tip and tail of the board, making it easier for me to perform various tricks.

In addition to this, it also has an OS780 Grip Tape in the middle of the board, for better cruising. It also makes it easier to distinguish between the nose and the tail of the board.

Surface tape comparison

Be careful with the grip time in the beginning, one of our team member had a skin cut from it the first time.


A longboard’s stability is critical since no rider can ride on it for an extended period if it is unstable. While I was performing various tricks on this board it gave me a very stable ride. 

I was not worried about wheel bites while carving and downhill cruising. All thanks to double-hardness, high-rebound Polyurethane bushings. In addition to this, the 7-inch 50-degree casting trucks add lots of stability and speedy rebound support for my ride. These gave me a lot of steering flexibility and made my cruising a lot of fun.

To make it even more stable, I would recommend tightening the trucks. This may cause the bushing to flex and scrunch up, giving you a more stable feel.

Good choice for heavy riders?

The longboard was steady, easy to ride, and strong enough to support heavy riders of our team. All thanks to 3-ply Carbonized Bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass which makes it stiff and sturdy. Without losing the balance, it could carry a rider weighing up to 265 lbs

With that much weight capacity, you must be thinking about the support or stability? The fact is even if you travel great distances, it can support the weight making you ride like no other. 

Suitable for Novice and School/University commutes?

If you are a beginner trying to upscale your longboarding skills then Backfire should be your starting point. The stability is given while cruising makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

Also, if you have a child who needs to commute to school every other day, this longboard plays that role too. Its deck, which is 41 inches in length, is great for long-distance traveling. Moreover, the board is equipped with safety features that keep the balance no matter what surface you are cruising on.

Key Features

  • Build Quality: High
  • Deck: Great quality, Concave for comfort and equivalent grip on surface.
  • Trucks: Sturdy. Bushing allows smooth turning
  • Wheels: Large and soft. Performs well on rough terrains as well.
  • Bearings: Good quality compared to price
  • Riding time (before next Push): You get almost 10-14 seconds before you need to push again on flat surface. On hill the time is extended.
  • Suitable for: All (Beginners, cruisers, heavy riders or any experienced riders)


  • Brand: Backfire
  • Load Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Trucks material: Aluminum
  • Trucks size: 7 inches
  • Shape and texture: ‎Concave and Grippy
  • Wheel Size: 70mm * 51mm
  • Deck thickness: 8 ply ½ inch thick
  • Bearings: Magneto Chrome ABEC 5
  • Item Weight: 8 pounds
  • Suitable for riders of all ages and sizes (Unisex)
  • The board is simple to push and turn
  • No wheel bites
  • Lighter deck to carry around anywhere
  • Wheels might wear out faster on tougher terrain
  • Wheel bearing quality could be further improved.
My backfire pictures second
My backfire longboard image

Backfire Discus vs Atom drop-through

Backfire and Atom is two of the most affordable longboards on the market. However, there may be a distinction between these two if we compare them.

Let’s have a look at some of their features. The deck length on both boards is 41 inches, making them suitable for novices and providing more surface area for foot locking.

Discus has 66×51 mm Polyurethane wheels, which have minimal to no wheel bite while turning sharply. Atom drop through, on the other hand, has 70×51 mm Super High Rebound (SHR) urethane wheels that are better for cruising downhill.

When compared to Atom drop-through, Backfire Discus can do a variety of tricks, while Atom is better suited to longer trips.

Though these two longboards have some variations, they both have a low price tag, making them suitable for first-time longboarders.

Final Verdict

To sum up this review, I believe Backfire Discus is a fantastic product. Despite its low price, it is composed of extremely sturdy components, making it suitable for heavier riders.

  • Looking to freestyle, cruise or commute to university
  • Any beginner looking for first board
  • Any middle aged person (maybe with knee problem) looking to start boarding
  • Weight 200+ lbs
  • Suitable for any height starting from 5″5 upto 6+

If you’re looking to get into longboarding, this board should be your first stop. In terms of pricing and stability and its control its an excellent choice according to our test results.

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