Our Mission

our mission

Longboarding and skateboarding are true sports that bring about an adrenaline rush and freedom of movement that is difficult to experience with any other medium. Most of it really does depend on actually having the right board, though.

A bad board can turn your ride from joyful to problematic in no time. At best, it would be hard to control or just underperforming. At worst, you could easily break it, falling down and injuring yourself, and still wasting money.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Nerdsonboard is to ensure this never happens to our readers.

We understand trust is not something given to you; it is something earned. With that in mind, though we have years of experience in longboarding and skateboarding, we invite you to look deeper into our process of making reviews and the guidelines we follow.

What We Always Do

what we always do

We are process-driven and only feature longboards and electric skateboards that meet the highest standards in our process. Dive deep into user reviews. A board that rides nice for us is probably not the same for another rider. We can’t assume that our experience mirrors every rider.

We know that more reviews mean more reliable data.

Thus, we try to find as many reviews as we can for the boards we recommend. When possible, we talk to fellow riders, sometimes even strangers we come across when we are out riding, to see what they think about the board at hand.

Of course, the brands will say how good their products are. They would use “Carbon Fiber Construction” or “Super Flex Bamboo” to sound superior. They would mention how their boards are lightweight or durable and how nothing else can beat the ride quality of their boards.

We easily see through the marketing words.

But if a brand is using fancy terminology, we break it down to the bare bones, be it the material they are using or the actual construction of the board.

For instance, if they’re telling that their board is lightweight or covers a certain range, we wouldn’t take their word for it. We would verify the weight, the range, and everything else to confirm what they claim—or debunk it. Discovery.

Brands might not openly reveal the full account. They might report a board as lighter than it is in fact, or they might leave out the weight altogether.

We do this by digging on our own – when at all possible, we rely on our own measurements and reach out directly to manufacturers for any missing details that we’re not able to obtain on our own. For example, finding a weight discrepancy on a product page versus our own measurements.

Even details that might be extractable from the manufacturers or even grab first-hand information from the manufacturers that we might not be able to find elsewhere.

Types of Riding and Preferences to Cater

We will cater to downhill riding, freestyle riding, cruising, and electric skateboarding altogether.

Of course, you would not pick a short deck for downhill, just as much as you would not choose a heavy electric skateboard for tricks.

The consideration goes far beyond the basic attributes, such as durability and cost, for us. Every board has to fit the type of riding you are going to want to do. This experience won’t escape us.

And we give you these insights in every review, to help make you a better rider with every article you read.

It is for helping any rider, whether just starting up or not, riding daily or occasionally, on a huge budget or not. No matter whether you’re a daily rider, a weekend cruiser, or brand new, we want to find the right board for you.

Therefore, in our reviews, we include the best options available for all possible price points so you can find whatever you need in it.

Give Honest Scores You shall not have the problem of choosing the right board.

That’s why we break it down into everything there is to consider in a board, so that it gives not just an overall score but it gives you the detailed scores in specific areas.

Specifically, we have a special scoring system for such diverse boards types, and we write each of these unique scores in full explanation for your understanding of the ratings.

What We NEVER Do

what we do at nerdsonboard

We never do the following:

  • Take Payments for Reviews Manufacturers have offered us quite a big sum to give them an impression of their boards in the light manufacturers wanted. And as always, our answer is concrete and it will be: No.
  • This comes from the confidence you have in our name, and this is not something we would betray for money.
  • High-End Boards Are the Only Ones We Recommend Uncompromising integrity. For the top boards, this one is what we’d suggest—they’re premium but worth it. We always throw in some cheaper options too.
  • List Boards Without Purpose We have all seen sites that list stuff just to list it—never with good insight. That’s not us.

Every board we review is recommended with a clear reason, broken down so that you go from our site informed, and with a choice you can be confident of.