Arian chamasmany


  • Became a renowned figure in the skateboarding community, showcasing his skills in events sponsored by major brands like Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels.
  • Regularly collaborates with the Los Angeles Skateboarding Club, organizing and leading skateboarding events and workshops.
  • Advocates for the skate culture and environmental respect, partnering with organizations like the International Longboarder Association to promote safety and community engagement.
  • Shares his extensive skateboarding knowledge and experiences as a contributing writer for, a popular online platform for skateboarding enthusiasts.
  • Influences skateboarders worldwide through social media collaborations with platforms such as Skate Slate and The Berrics, offering insights and inspiration.
  • Builds a supportive and inclusive skateboarding environment, working closely with local skate shops and community centers to host events and sessions.
  • Continuously explores new dimensions of longboarding, thanks to support from sponsors like Paris Truck Co., enhancing his creative and dynamic riding style.
  • Champions the joy and safety of skateboarding, engaging in partnerships with safety gear companies like Triple Eight to emphasize the importance of protection while riding.


What sets Arian apart isn’t just his skill on a board; it’s how he lives the skateboarding life to the fullest. He’s all about the freedom, creativity, and community that skateboarding brings. He’s never been one to chase after trophies. Instead, he’s more interested in spreading his passion for longboarding. He organizes events, runs workshops, and brings skateboarders together, making the community stronger and more welcoming.

Arian has taken his love for skateboarding to the digital world, too. He shares his adventures, tips, and tricks online, helping people everywhere get into skateboarding. He’s a big believer in enjoying the ride, respecting each other, and looking after the places we skate.

Now, Arian has found a new way to share his passion: writing for Here, he dives deep into everything about longboards and skateboards, from reviews of the latest gear to sharing stories from the skateboarding world. His writing helps others find their way in the skateboarding community, offering guidance, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.

Arian’s journey from a skateboarder in Los Angeles to a voice in the online community shows that skateboarding is more than a sport—it’s a way of life. Through his actions and words, he’s helping shape a world where skateboarding is seen as a fun, inclusive, and expressive activity for everyone.

Arian Chamasmany

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Personal Life

Outside of skateboarding, Arian enjoys a pretty laid-back life. He’s a big fan of spending time outdoors, whether that’s hiking in the hills around Los Angeles or just chilling at the beach. Arian loves music too and often says that a good playlist is essential for any skate session. When he’s not writing or skating, you might find him hanging out with friends, exploring new places in the city, or trying out new recipes at home. Arian’s all about keeping things simple and enjoying the small moments in life. He’s a firm believer in doing what you love and sharing those passions with others, which is exactly what he does with skateboarding and writing.