Health Benefits Of Longboarding – Complete Exercise

I was never a gym person and I love to eat, what kept me healthy and fit was my longboarding which I did religiously. Longboarding involves a lot of leg muscles and lower body strength and is also a cardio exercise. It is an exercise which you can do while commuting to your workplace or just for fun. The best thing about longboarding is that it can be done by people of all ages and sizes because it is a less demanding physical exercise. Longboarding is not like going to the gym or jogging because you will actually love and enjoy doing it.

health benefits of longboarding

There are multiple health benefits associated with longboarding apart from it being a really fun activity to do. i mentioned the most useful benefits that you can achieve by making a longbaording a daily ritual.

Longboarding works your cardio and heart health

Cardio is an exercise that makes your heart work by increasing your heartbeat. When you move and push on a longboard your body moves and your heart beat increase thus longboarding is a cardio exercise that makes your cardiovascular system stronger and improves your heart health.

You can carry a lightweight longboard with you and use it to commute. In this way, you can increase your cardio workout. That’s what I do to make it a part of my busy schedule and stay fit. 

It helps you burn calories

The question is ‘how much does longboarding burn?’ Study shows that longboarding burns around 4 to 7 calories per minute which is like 240 to 400 calories per hour. It also depends on your weight; a person who weighs around 125 pounds burns up to 300 calories and a 185 pounds person burns 444 calories. On average you burn around 2000 to 3000 calories a week if you do longboarding daily. 

Now, of course, these figures are just an approximation but imagine you can lose this many calories while having fun! Eating right is also essential if you want to lose fat.

It strengthens your muscles

When you are longboarding, you are making your whole body muscles work at some point. You need your leg muscles all the time, to balance, push, break, and take turns. If you do longboarding for long then you feel the intense burn and tightening in your calves, quads, and glutes. 


If you keep your core tight during longboarding then it also works your abs and strengthens your core. So, longboarding can feel like doing crunches. 

Another muscle that becomes active while longboarding is your arms muscles. Your arms help you to keep your balance and they move with your body while doing tricks and turns. 

Here’s a list of muscles that are activated while longboarding:

  • triceps
  • biceps
  • deltoids
  • the trapezius
  • rectus abdominis
  • latissimus dorsi
  • obliques.

It increases your flexibility

Flexibility is an important thing in your daily life and when you work out. When you carve and turn you move your body which requires flexibility. It helps you to prevent injuries and make your tasks easier and your body younger.

It improves your balance

Balance and coordination are important while longboarding because shifting your weight from one leg to another is not an easy task.


Balancing and turning works many joints in your body which makes them stronger.

Different Riding Styles For Calorie Burn


Longboarding is not as effective as running or cycling in terms of burning calories, you can consider it as mild exercise. How many calories you burn during longboarding depends very much on your riding style and the longboard you are using.


Cruising requires constant pushing from the legs, overall calorie burn is low to medium.

  • Cardio: Low to medium if you push at a fast pace
  • Strength: Medium, pushing engages your leg muscles pretty well
  • Joints: Medium again because of legs use
  • Balance: Medium to high because you must balance your body with your right leg only.


  • Cardio: Low, because going down the hill does not require much effort on your end.
  • Strength: Medium, there is a certain posture that you need if you are speeding downhill which put a strain on your muscles
  • Joints: Medium, Load is on knee joints and back.
  • Balance: High, you must be in a position that is very unstable.


  • Cardio: Low, the carving is mainly about technique and shifting your body weight
  • Strength: Medium, you get in a half squat position to carve
  • Joint: High, knee joints and spine are very strained when you are in the half squat position
  • Balance: High, carving is all about balancing yourself.


  • Cardio: Low, the speed is slow and you’re mainly focusing on techniques
  • Strength: Medium, controlling speed using your body requires glutes and leg muscles
  • Joints: Medium, involves the knees, shoulders, and hip joints for turning
  • Balance: High, again just like carving you must balance your body weight


  • Cardio: Very High, riding at high speed as well as performing tricks that is some work for the heart
  • Strength: Medium, to perform tricks the muscles are involved
  • Joints: Very High
  • Balance: High

running VS Longboarding, Which Is More Effective?

Running is a conventional way of burning calories, all you need is a good pair of running shoes and no such training. On the other hand, longboarding is a skill that might take you some time to learn how to maintain balance. I think that longboarding is better because not only is it more enjoyable with burning calories, but it also helps you develop better balance and coordination. Also, longboarding is for everyone while people with weaknesses find it difficult to do running or cycling.

Skateboarding VS Longboarding

Many times people confuse skateboarding and longboarding whereas these two are completely different and require different boards. Longboarding is easier and less intense than skateboarding. When you are skateboarding you must push all the time but this is not the case with longboarding. You can burn as many as 800 calories if you do skateboarding for an hour straight but unfortunately, this is quite impossible because of how exhausting it is. Longboarding is also less dangerous and easier to learn and ride.

How to loose weight with longboarding

Here are some tips to get the most out of your longboarding if you are aiming to lose weight:

  • Riding the longboard at speed can maximize your heart rate which can burn more calories
  • Keep switching between left and right legs to strengthen both equally and maintain the balance
  • Practice a longboarding style that requires more strength like uphill longboarding. This helps in burning calories as well as building muscles because you push yourself.

To sum up everything

Longboarding is a complete workout and exercise which is packed with fun. It can also help you lose weight but not as effectively as gymming or running would. It targets different muscles in your body including your heart and strengthens them. How many calories you burn also depends on your riding style and your body weight. Make longboarding a routine and you will notice an overall improvement in your health.