what is longboard dancing. Longboard dancing tricks

We all know what dancing is, moving your body in a rhythm with or without music. Longboard dancing is no different. You move your body in a rhythmic motion with your longboard, carving left to right. It comes under the category of freestyle riding and it is practiced on plain concrete streets.

It took me a few failed attempts to learn the trick for longboard dancing. It is all about maintaining the momentum on the longboard while carving in S. You can involve some steps by moving your feet and hands while carving and that turns out to be aesthetic longboard dancing.

Some people say that longboard dancing is a thing for experts only which is not true. I started longboard dancing as a beginner because it is a highly enjoyable activity for people of all levels and all ages. It does involve footwork, carving, and turning moves but you can learn with little practice. You can show your creativity through longboard dancing, all you need is a longboard and you can go express yourself.

There are multiple ways in which you can do longboard dancing. You can do intricate tricks while riding at medium speed or you can do carving moving your body along the longboard in dancey ways. It takes grace, agility, creativity, and coordination of your mind, body, and your longboard.


At the beginning of my longboarding journey, I was a little hesitant to try any tricks or longboard dancing because of the fear of getting hurt. After researching and experimenting I came up with tricks that are easy to follow and are so much fun.

The first thing you need is a longboard and to get comfortable with cruising. I have combined the best 9 longboard dancing tricks for beginners to advanced level longboarders. By following the steps you will nail longboard dancing.

Cross Step

Cross Step is the easiest and most famous longboard dancing trick for beginners. The main thing to take into account for this is your foot placement

Place your back foot on the bolts and the front foot in the center or at the nose. Make sure that your front foot meets your back foot at an angle of 45-60 degrees and then transfer your weight on the front foot. Now move your back foot around the front foot and place it behind the front foot. Shift your weight to the back foot. Now the foot that is in the back goes around the foot in the front and on the bolt. Keep shifting your feet and your weight accordingly.

cross step-the easiest longboarding trick.

You begin this trick at the edge of the longboard and then gradually come towards the center. 

Make sure to shift your body weight on the toes and then carve.

Ghost Ride

This is another trick that is common amongst beginners. It involves jumping off the board while it’s moving and then jumping back on.

Place your feet shoulder length apart between the bolts. Move your front foot in the center of the longboard near the edge and at a 90-degree angle with your back foot. Then place your back foot off the board, jump off the board using your front foot and immediately push the longboard so it continues moving. Now you have to get back on the longboard using your front foot and then place your back foot again. 

Sounds easy, right?

Peter pan

This is also a beginner-level trick. It is a very fun trick and looks like a cat walking with your longboard. You have to do cross-stepping using your leading leg. I’m a goofy rider so I step onto the left side but if you are a regular rider then step onto the ride side.

peter pan-beginner Longbaord dancing trick.

I love this trick because it is very easy. All you have to do is place your back leg in front of your front leg in a cross. Your feet must be parallel to each other balancing with your arms. You go as far as you like repeating the steps.

To finish it off you can place your leading leg when you are in a position where your legs are crossed and your back leg is in front of your right leg. Take another step and get back in the regular position. To make it more fun, keep your weight on the side.

180 step

You must be aware of carving before performing this trick. This is called the 180 steps because you switch your foot at an angle of 180 degrees. 

While carving, swing your back leg in front of the board and switch your stance. Don’t forget to turn your upper body to the side you are spinning. Keep switching the feet like move your front foot at the back of the longboard and make a switch. Easy peezy. 


Ghost ride kickflip

This is a flip that you perform using your back leg while your front leg stands on the ground. The leg placement initially is similar to that of a ghost ride, legs are placed at shoulder length between the bolts. 

In Ghost ride kickflip jump forward off the board using your front leg while your back leg is in the air in the middle of the longboard. Bend your body like your hips and legs at a 90-degree or a little less angle and drag the board with the toe side of your left foot. Simultaneously jump off the board making it flip. Hold it back with your legs and land smoothly. 

You have completed your beginner-level flip.

Chop the wood

It is as easy as carving. All you have to do is place your front foot stable on the board, and carve heel side on it. Kick off with your back foot jumping off the board and then landing back


I will not say that this is a beginner-level trick because it is kind of tricky. However, you can do it after trying beginner-level flips. 

Step off using the front foot while your back foot kicks the longboard getting a hold of it using the heel of the back foot. Drag the longboard back and quickly jump on it switching the legs.


This is again an easy trick and involves a spin. So what you have to do is move to the nose of the longboard and then jump off rotating 180 degrees, then regain the original position and keep riding.


This is a combination of three beginner-level tricks that are Cross Step, Peter pan, and ghost ride kickflip

You begin with doing what you do in a cross-step trick. Then you move your foot to the edge like in a peter pan and then do the peter pan movement. After that your foot moves to the edge and you jump off the board. You use your back leg to perform a ghost-ride kickflip. 

Sounds complicated but I find it so much fun.


All these tricks are just the tip of the iceberg because once you start performing them you discover and learn so much more. A little tweaking with a trick generates an all-new longboard dancing trick. These are just a few of my favorite longboard dancing tricks. The key to performing these correctly is the foot placement and timings. You might not be able to get it all perfect on the first try but you will get there with practice. Be safe and happy longboard dancing!