You have got your new longboard. Now you want to use it to get to work or go around cruising through your town’s streets. But, being a beginner, you are worried about the risks and obstacles on the way, the car barriers, the sidewalks, rough, pebbly paths, and above all human beings on your way. But now it’s time to take a chill pill as I am gonna give you a handful of wonderful tips and tricks which will allow you to cruise safely and enjoyably.

So let’s make your first cruise a total success!

Choosing the best longboard

For the time being, grab a good-quality beginners’ longboard made of sturdy material. Try not to go for an expensive board as it may take time to figure out exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are and what is your favorite riding style. Then, after analyzing all these aspects thoroughly, buy a longboard with all the desirable characteristics.

Loosen up your trucks

If you want to go faster and smoother, just keep your trucks loose. They are normally tightened so firmly that they tend to slow you down.

Change your longboard bushings

Try to use soft bushings. They provide more stability, balance, and control over the board.

Dry run

It is highly advised to play your first few games in a large and flat area with very few obstacles. This is important to gain a sense of your board. In this way, you will become more comfortable and confident with your board.

Basic strategies

You should be familiar with some fundamental driving skills like how to apply brakes, turn around and accelerate before you get behind the wheel. Put one foot right behind the front axis to pick up speed. After that, lean a little forward and push with your second foot to accelerate. Then change directions by shifting your weight from side to side and bending forwards and backward.

Bear in mind that maintaining your equilibrium is the most difficult aspect. For this, my recommendation is to crouch down a bit to have a comfortable and secure stance on the board. To decelerate the board, put your rare foot on the ground next to the board.

Comfortable dressing and shoes

Wearing something excessively loose or flamboyant is not necessary while going for longboarding. My tip is to wear something that is more simple and more relaxed. It has an impact on your mind and makes you comfortable while cruising. For feet, I suggest wearing sneakers with thick rubber soles. This is especially recommended for beginners. Also, you can flaunt a new cap and some classy sunglasses to make your look impressive.

Controlling speed

As a beginner, it is very important to keep your speed under control, otherwise, you may get hurt accidentally. For this, you must spend plenty of time in taking speed control lessons.

Always wear protective gear

For a beginner, it is crucial to regularly wear safety equipment like knee pads, elbow pads, and flat-soled shoes. This caution will protect you from any significant issues and damages in case you fall or hit something.

Keep changing your cruising styles

If you want to become a proficient rider in a short time, it is highly recommended to continue trying new ways of riding and develop your own unique style.

Begin on flat paths

Last but not the least, every beginner long boarder should cruise on flat and straight streets rather than narrow and curvy paths. I personally used to ride on flat wide streets when I was new in this field. This makes you confident and your rides easy.


Nowadays, longboarding has become a popular hobby not only for teenagers but for people of all ages. However, there is no quick way to master longboard cruising. This takes a lot of practice and effort. But after following the tips I have given, this won’t be a very heavy burden for you. You are gonna ace it soon!