Trucks are an essential component of skateboards, as every rider can attest. They anchor the wheels to the deck and assist riders in taking turns. But be careful not to put any set of trucks on the board! 

Each of the numerous distinguishing characteristics of different trucks will significantly alter the skateboard ride. All longboard trucks operate differently and they vary in quality.

I will discuss their key differences and what should be considered before buying one for your board.

Types of trucks

In general, there are two types of trucks, Reverse Kingpin trucks(RKP) and Traditional Kingpin trucks(TKP). RKPs are typically found on longboards. They make turns smooth and give more stability. On skateboards, you can mostly see TKPs. they have a thicker hanger and they turn steadily. They are ideal for performing tricks and grinding.

The sturdiness and quality of a truck depend on how it is made. On the basis of the manufacturing process, we can divide them into the following types.

1.Cast trucks

This procedure involves pouring molten steel or aluminum into a truck mould. It is the most important production technique but it occasionally involves errors. 

The details of slops may be less-than-perfect. If you want to cruise casually, this shouldn’t be a problem. But for riding downhill fastly, this could be a concern for you. 

The least slop of all the cast trucks is found in calibers.

2.Forged trucks

First, a block of metal is made extremely hot, and then it is beaten into a truck form to create forged trucks. These ones are the strongest trucks on the market. The truck manufacturers go above and beyond to machine the crucial components so that they are precise and seamlessly integrate with the other parts.

Although they are slightly expensive, you’ll literally have these forever.

3.Precision trucks

These are produced using CNC machinery to cut a piece of aluminum into the form of a truck. They fit together exactly and accurately. They cost the most, even though they are not as durable as forged trucks

For the time being, newbies should avoid forged and precise trucks.

Each of the two types of trucks is suitable for a different type of riding.

RKP Trucks

RKP trucks, also called longboard trucks are great for a majority of longboard activities. The truck’s design makes quick turning possible while maintaining stability and smoothness even at higher speeds. However, they have greater ride heights than conventional kingpin trucks which may be uncomfortable while performing grinds and stunts. Flip tricks may be performed, but are generally not recommended due to the orientation of kingpins. Additionally, there are typically more stock baseplate angles available for RKPs. 

Reverse kingpin trucks are ideal for longboarding since they perform well at low speeds and provide more grip and control at high speeds. They have a bit smaller wheelbase, so they aren’t the best choice for small cruisers with kicktails.

RKP Style Trucks

  • Bear trucks
  • Caliber trucks
  • Paris trucks
  • Randal trucks

It’s important to note that while long boarders might be able to ride TKPs, it would be very unusual to see a pro street skater do so. Simply said, they are too tall and hefty for this.

TKP Trucks

The main use of this old-school style kingpin is trick skating. However, they may perform well in freeriding and downhilling with the appropriate setup. As compared to RKP, TKPs yield more quickly, have lesser grip and take turns more gradually.

They differ from the reverse kingpins in a few more ways. Firstly, the hanger is more suitable for grinding, as it is more distant from the kingpins. Moreover, TKPs, having a lower riding height, rotate the board better while performing tricks. Riders feel like having more control over their trucks while turning with a TKP truck because it is flat and more receptive. Although, at greater speeds, this can also produce a little more unwelcomed twitching.

I have personally used these trucks on my small cruiser many times for street and park skateboarding and riding around downtown. Their small sizes are perfect for smaller longboard cruisers.

TKP Style Trucks

  • Bennett vector trucks
  • Independent trucks
  • Paris street trucks
  • Tracker trucks

Dual pivot trucks

These are another special type of trucks. They have an additional axis of turn, which increases their responsiveness. They have a significantly greater ride height but can turn on a dime. These trucks are, therefore, excellent for slow cruising but not so good for long or hilly rides.