If you have recently purchased some great longboard trucks. But you are unsure if you can successfully set them up without making a mistake, just keep your pecker up because I am gonna explain to you every step of mounting longboard trucks flawlessly. There are two most common ways of mounting your longboard trucks and I will explain each of them.

Let’s begin straight away!

Things required to mount trucks

These are few things that are required to set up longboard trucks.

  • Pair of longboard trucks
  • nuts and bolts
  • T or Y tool
  • Screws
  • Wrench
  • Spacers for top mount boards

Top mounting the trucks

Top mount trucks will be attached to the underside of your truck by bolts in the conventional style. If you have recently applied a new grip tape, then poke through the screw holes on the underside using a screwdriver as they are still exposed.

  • First of all, put all the eighth screws into the holes from the top. To see the screws’ tails, invert the board so that the underside is facing up. If you want to avoid wheel bite, attach the riser pads to the screws.
  • Position the baseplate with the holes, and then press each screw through to the opposite side. Ensure that each truck is aligned properly

Traditional kingpin trucks are set differently from reverse kingpin trucks.

In TKP, when the trucks are positioned, the kingpin and bushings of each truck should be facing inward, toward the middle of the deck.

RKPs should be positioned so that their kingpins and bushings face the tip and tail of the deck.

  • Now, fasten the eight nuts to the screws and give them a half-turn with your thumb and index finger. This keeps your trucks very loosely in place.
  • Tighten the nuts in a zigzag manner with a skate tool or a wrench. Tighten them to the degree suitable for your riding style and personal preferences.

Drop through mounting the trucks

The drop-through style has gained some popularity since its lowered deck gives more stability. In this setup, the baseplate’s edges with the holes rest on the topside

  • First, disassemble your longboard trucks. For doing so, remove the kingpin’s nut and the top busing. Then detach the hanger or axle.
  • Line up the pad mount holes and the holes on the baseplate of the truck. No matter what sort of truck you have, ensure that the pivot cups are facing the opposite ways away from each other.
  • Now insert the bolts through the shock pads, and then through each baseplate. Put the washers onto the bolts to prevent damage to the deck.
  • Put the nuts and bolts together and gradually tighten each nut out.
  • To reassemble the trucks, attach the kingpin’s bottom washer and slide the bottom bushing. After that, push the hanger into the pivot and slide the top bushing, followed by the washer.
  • Tighten the nut on the kingpin with your skate tool. Your ride’s comfort depends on how much you tighten your trucks so do it with meticulous care.

Now, that you have plenty of knowledge on setting up your trucks, wear a helmet, and appropriate knee and wrist pads, and let’s go skating!