10 Types of Longboards

types of longboards

Are you struggling to find a good longboard that fits your style? Then look no further – In this article we will discuss 10 different types of longboards.

Longboards come in various designs and shapes, but not every board will suit every skater. Choosing the right longboard that matches your style is similar to finding the appropriate shirt that matches your pants. It can be daunting at some point. In this case, finding a board that works best for you depends on how you will use it. 

There is no ideal all-in-one board that suits every skater. That’s why I tried different longboards and crafted a list of different types of longboard that matches every skater’s skill level.

Cruiser longboards

atom pintail

For almost every rider, cruiser longboards are the most fundamental starting point. With a cruiser longboard, cruising is more fun and exactly what it sounds like; rolling down the road or through the park with pals while having a good time. 

Cruiser boards are mostly top-mounted, which means they lay on top of the trucks, with pintail being the most common shape. They are designed to let the skaters have fun while carving and also to prevent wheel bite, thanks to the large and smooth wheels that allow them to travel quickly and avoid catching sidewalk bumps or cracks. Pintail longboards perform efficiently in low to medium speed. In short, this longboard style will be more straightforward than any other longboard.

cruiser longboard

Here are Best 2 cruiser Longboards. 

  • Quest Totem 31″ Cruiser Longboard
  • Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

Carving Longboards

best carving longboard

Carving boards have a progression similar to cruising but a little more refined. Carving on these boards is similar to cruisers but with a higher concave. Derringers are best for tight turns and rapid carving. They ensure enjoyable rides with powerful carves at low speed. When you lean in, the concavity on the top of the board keeps your feet securely in place. To reduce wheel bite and gain height for a deeper carve, the trucks are placed loosely, and spacers are frequently used between the trucks and the boards. 

carving longboard

In carving a longboard, the deck and wheels connect when you lean hard into a turn, causing a wheel bite. This will cause less stability, lose your balance, and fall off the board. So, keeping this in mind, cruiser boards are more suitable for pro-skaters.

Recommendations for best carving longboards are:

  • Derringer 33 Longboard
  • Pintail 43 Longboard

Freeride Longboards

freeride longboard

Freeride longboards are a lot of fun to cruise and carve on, but they are not sensitive enough. It’s a skating style with many slides and more speed than other boards. However, drop-through decks are the most prevalent type of freeride board. Drop-throughs have holes drilled into the board, allowing it to dangle from the bolt beneath the trucks. They sit closer to the ground; as a result, making them more stable for speeding and sliding. 

Freeride boards come in various sizes and shapes, with varying concavity for more secure foot placements on slides and better control at a faster speed. Another example of freeride longboards is double-drop decks. These boards are even further lowered; they provide additional support against the surface to place your feet while you do the freeriding. 

My personal choices for freeride are:

  • Landyachtz Wolf Shark Complete Longboard (Pro Freeride Build)
  • VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete

Downhill Longboards (Built for Speed)

downhill longboard

Downhill is another type of longboards which excel at one thing, and that is speed. They are made specifically for speeding and downhill riding. With highly sophisticated construction, downhill longboards are the most challenging boards you will ever ride. When the trucks are attached to the deck through a top-mount, boards perform pretty well, which is what downhill longboards are for. A top-mount gives you more board control and allows you to carve faster. 

longboards that are not too long and having stiff and directional deck will give a stable ride at high speed.

best downhill longboard

Different concave types are available for downhill longboards, but the “W” concave is the most popular. This shape has a small ridge in the center, allowing for various foot placements and improved board control. 

Top 3 Downhill Longboards are:

  • Atom Drop Through Downhill 
  • Magneto Downhill Longboards
  • Fireball x Arbor Longboard for Cruiser & Downhill

Freestyle Longboards

freestyle longboard

Often time we confuse Freestyle boards with freeride boards though there is a lot of difference between them. Whatever you want to call it, freestyle skating is an entirely different discipline in the eyes of most skaters. It is thought of as a more expressive form of skateboarding. kicktail longboards with long deck and large wheels are best to perform different tricks. 

Here you try to flow more than you can without pushing the skate more quickly. They are typically more playful as compared to freeride boards in appearance. Their decks are less rigid, and the wheels can accommodate a broader spectrum of hardness. 

Freestyle longboards also slide on the flat ground, in contrast to freeride, which is more centered on sliding and fast hills. Also, you can perform several tricks in freestyle longboards, including flatland-style. 

Best Freestyle Longboards are:

  • Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard
  • INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Freestyle Longboard Skateboard

Dancer Longboards

dancing longboard

Did someone say dancing while longboarding? Yes, you heard it right! With dancing longboards, you can dance all while longboarding. They are considerably larger than freeride, downhill, or cruiser boards. Usually 40-50 inch and more symmetrical in shape. You can easily pop them up with their double kicktails.

Also, a soft flex is necessary for a good dancing board, but not too soft, making you lose your balance. So, when planning to get one, check the flex. Though dancing boards are longer than longboards, they are still easy to carry and travel around. 

We recommend these as a best Dancing Longboards.

  • Bustin Daensu
  • Loaded Bhangra
  • Loaded Tarab
  • Rayne Whip

Commuter Longboards

best longbaord for commuting

Commuter longboards are longboard types suitable for longboarders of all skill levels. They are an excellent option for commuting to work or school as they are simple. As the name indicates, they are more suitable for covering longer distances or quick commuting. You can not perform any other longboarding style with them, not even carving; they just mend for commuting. 

Their low center of gravity makes the longer rides comfortable and stable. Their decks are drop-drown and can make your deck connected to the ground if you attempt to carve on a commuter board. 

commuting longboard
  • Retrospec Zed Longboard
  • Loaded Boards Tan Tien Commuter Longboard
  • Playshion Drop Through Longboard for Commuting

Twin Longboards

Twin longboards – twin becuase their board appears perfectly symmetrically from the front and the back. Also, they can be used for traveling both backward and forward. They can be used by longboarders of every skill level, whether they are beginners starting with boarding or experts. However, longboarders primarily use them for downhill riding and freestyling. 

In short, a twin board is your best option if you are a freeride or freestyle longboard who wants to perform 180-degree slides. 

Cut-out Longboards

Cut-out longboards are a wise choice because of their large wheels, which can make deep turns without giving you wheel bites. If you want to go freeriding, downhill, or freestyle, cut-out longboards will help you achieve it. The longboard’s bidirectional wheel makes it simple for the ride to switch direction to improve stability. However, cut-out longboards usually involve drop-through trucks that lower the board to give you a comfortable ride with stability. 

Push Longboards

pushing longboard

Push longboards are a fantastic choice if you only intend to use your board for transportation. They are not mended for tricks, and if you are the person who enjoys tricks, go for freeride longboards. Push longboards are designed for easy and comfortable riding, but they will crash to the ground if you flip them as you do with a carver or a cruiser longboard.

  • DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard Complete


Now that you know different longboard types and skating techniques, it will be easier to get the board that suits you best. 

Still don’t know which one to choose? Go for freeride if you are more into tricks, or commuter if you want to travel around the town. Go for downhill longboards if you enjoy speeding And dancer board if you want to enjoy longboarding with fun.