Simple Ways to Maintain your Longboard

Tips to maintain your longboard

Longboards can be your partner for so long if they are looked after properly. The longevity of something depends on how it’s kept and taken care of. If a longboard is used over bumpy and wet roads without timely maintenance, it may hit the skids.

So if you want to chill out on your longboard for a long time, just blow away the cobwebs and follow the steps that I am about to share for longboard maintenance. In this article i will share my Simple tips to maintain your longboard that works for me. After following this guide, I assure you, your longboard will remain in the same brand new condition you bought it. 

Precluding maintenance

Firstly, as you know, prevention is better than cure, so preventive maintenance should always be the priority. You should always keep tabs on the board to look for any problem. This will let you tackle the issue before it gets worse. 

  • Try not to ride on wet paths – As it may cause the mud and water to collect in its parts and corrode them. And if you have to, dry it every time you use it on a wet road. 
  • Clean components timely – You should keep a check on all the components of the board to know if they are clean.
  • Keep an eye on the nuts – Always keep an eye on the nuts used in different parts of the board, and make sure they are not fallen off during riding.

Now, Let me enlist different methods which will assist your board to be well maintained. We will try to address the most frequent problems that people encounter and give appropriate solutions for them. We‘ll start with the deck and then we will cover grip tape, bearings, wheels, and trucks.

Deck maintenance

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Let’s talk about some common problems with Deck maintenance and how to tackle them.

Excessive water and sun

The two primary risks for the deck are excessive water and sun. Wet decks frequently weaken and may get a crack. In such circumstances, they should be cleaned right away. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the sun may deteriorate the board. Hence, you should avoid using your board in the intense sun.

Cracks and Dents

Small Cracks and Dents on the two ends of the board are the most common issue faced by boarders. If it is a minor crack, you shouldn’t be much worried. But it must be addressed in case of a significant chip or crack.

An adhesive like wood glue can be used to fix a crack caused by the delamination of the deck. Apply it carefully to the cracks. A glue syringe will assist you a lot in this. I recommend a titebrush for this. It has silicone bristles that do this task well and a plastic handle helps in holding it. To avoid the moisture, you can go a step ahead and give it a urethane spray coating. Another option to fill a large chip is using a wood filler. Simply outspread it on the crack, and wait until it dries. Then finally sand it down.

The Razor tail Problem

The Razor tail may also sometimes become problematic for those who do tricks. But you should be careful in this regard as there isn’t any good remedy to this and if there is any, the board will look miserable after applying it. What I usually do in such a case is sand it down. But this will probably decrease the length of your deck.

How to Fix Razor Tail problem The things you need for this are sawdust and superglue. To begin with, cover the razor tail with superglue. Then coat it with sawdust. Keep putting much much more of it until it is coated in around 8 inches of sawdust. With your fingers, apply pressure on it until it is packed close to the glue. Check your fingers, if superglue is collected on them then apply more sawdust. Leave it until it dries. Make sure that every layer is completely dried. Rub out the sawdust and repeat the procedure till the tail of the board is recovered.

Grip tape maintenance

Surface tape comparison

Now let’s deal with the grip tape problems and its solution.

Dirty Grip Tape

The most typical problem, in my opinion, is when your grip tape gets dirty. I would recommend cleaning it up as soon as possible. For this, you can use a sanding belt cleaner for the dust on the surface of tape or a gentle wire brush for the unyielding debris

However, doing both may be unnecessary for most people. I personally use an old wet toothbrush. I clean the stains with it and then I dry it using a towel. While doing this, you must be precautious that the towel should not be rubbed against the board or it will screw it up due to the roughness of the tape. Therefore, dabbing is preferable.

When to Upgrade

If your grip tape has completely deteriorated, it might be better to upgrade it. You just need to warm up a part of the grip tape to unstick the glue. Then place a knife or razor blade under it. Now remove it slowly from the board. Clean your board thoroughly and apply the new grip tape

Bearing maintenance

If your bearings are producing a screeching sound, they need to be cleaned up and lubed. WD-40, according to me, doesn’t go well with the bearings. It cannot lubricate them as it is not a lubricant. Soon after applying, it will make the bearings dry and so they may gather more dust. However, you can use it in a small amount if your bearings are getting rusted. Check our guide on How to clean your longboards.

The most important thing to be done to keep your bearings in a good condition is to cover them with a lubricant. But before lubrication, you must clean up your bearings. For this, first of all, take out the bearing shield with a knife or blade. This has to be done because the acetone used in the cleaning process may harm the plastic shield.

Then, take a cleaner bottle and fill it with some citrus cleaner or a mineral spirit. Now, pour it drop by drop on your bearings. If your bearings are extremely dirty and grimy, you may repeat the process several times. But do remember to rinse it with clean water every time before applying the cleaner. Now leave them to rest on a paper towel for a while. If you want to accelerate the process, you can use a blow dryer to dry them off. You can use any good quality lubricant like speed cream to lube their bearings. And here you go with your fresh, sparkling bearings!

Wheels maintenance

longboard wheels maintainence

Coming to the wheels, they may get wear and tear when used too much. They may also become grimy if used over puddles. 

During sliding, it’s plausible that one or two wheels get more damaged than others. For this reason, you should keep rotating your wheels regularly. This will increase the likelihood that they will all wear down equally. Nevertheless, keep a check on the time of usage of every wheel and rotate them after equal intervals. And by interval, I mean a few weeks.

If your wheels are getting debris on them you should get rid of it timely for their optimal performance. For this, take heated water in a bucket and mix some soap or detergent in it. Then dip your wheels for some time and scrub them down with a brush.

Trucks maintenance

longboard trucks maintenance

Let’s talk about the trucks last. 

The most frequent problem concerning the trucks is them getting noisy and squeaking. It happens usually when the rubber in the trucks or the bushings gets dry. To solve this, you first need to get the trucks off your board. Then take skate wax or any paraffin-based wax. Apply it in the middle of the rubbers in the pivot cup. Finally fix the trucks back to the board.

If you want to clean your dirty bearings, disassemble them entirely. Then wash them with soap and water. And at last, dry them off to prevent them from getting rusted.

If you want to get rid of the rust on your bearings, you can do it by using WD-40. Spray it on a wipe and clean the rust away.

Final Thoughts

Commonly, after the usage for several weeks, a longboard’s condition deteriorates if not treated properly. But we have made it much simpler to get it back into its new fresh condition again. You just have to follow these crucial maintenance suggestions to achieve the longest shelf life of your board. You just have to focus mainly on the timely cleansing of the deck, bearings, and other components.

By applying these pieces of suggestions for maintaining longboard, your longboard will be old as hills yet so remarkable in performance for you to keep cruising on and get the most life out of it. Happy cruising!

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