Drop Through Vs Pintail Longboard

pintail vs drop through

Confused about Drop through vs Pintail ?

Buying a new longboard has always been so confusing. Especially when you are a beginner who doesn’t know much about different longboard features. Most of the newbies get stumped by whether they should buy a drop through or a pintail longboard. But we will clear all your doubts until you will be able to decide which one’s worthy for you to spend money on. 

There has always been never-ending argumentation on which one would be the best among these two to be bought. Before buying it, many factors of the particular longboard must be appraised. 

You have to consider the shape and size that fits you, the speed that it gives, the riding techniques that can be performed, the balance it provides, your reason for riding, and your experience in the riding skills. By taking into account these factors, you can decide which longboard you should go for.

In some aspects, drop through is better while in others pintail wins. Lets highlight all the differences between these two longboards so you can choose which one suits your needs best!

Physical features

First thing we need to consider is the shape and looks of both the boards

  • As the name suggests, pintail longboards have a pointed tail resembling a pin. They have a wider nose just like a surfboard has. On the other hand, Drop through longboards are mostly symmetrical in shape while there are also some asymmetrical types. They have a big rectangular deck.
  • The wheels of pintail stand out on both sides of the deck but are somewhat close to them unlike in drop through. They are top mount, which means they have trucks at the underside of the deck and bolts on the mount holes.
  • While wheels of drop through have small wingtips on both edges of the deck for the purpose of mounting the trucks. The base plate of the truck is present on the deck and the other parts are underneath the board. Moreover, they have large wheel cutouts. The wheels poke out far away on both sides of the deck, as compared to the pintail.

Riding performance

Due to different shapes, styles, and the way the trucks are mounted, the boards differ a lot in their riding behavior. Their specific plots suit certain riding behaviors for which they are made.

  • In pintail, the trucks are mounted at the bottom of the deck. So you can easily place one of your feet on the front truck which gives good support. When your foot steps on the front truck, changing the angle to take a turn is much simpler and faster with a good lean. On the other hand, drop through has its trucks fastened over the wing tips. So you have to place your steps in between the trucks, not over them.
  • A pintail specifically gives elevated rides because the trucks are placed beneath the deck. This may lessen the stability and balance while carving speedily. Comparatively, in drop through, the trucks are mounted across the deck which takes down its center of gravity and helps secure stable faster rides.
  • While riding pintail, you generally stand on the broader area of the deck so there is less probability of coming into contact with the wheel. While drop through has large wheels, so you can get your foot into the wheels if you stand close to the end.
  • Pintail has a leveled deck for a good grip. On the contrary, drop through has more concavity which gives a more confined feeling while speedy rides.
  • The deck of a pintail has more flex which makes it responsive but is not so good for riding at higher speeds. Oppositely, drop through makes speedy rides convenient by being more rigid.

Based on my personal experience, I am enlisting the following advantages and disadvantages of both the longboards.



  • Pintails are mostly a choice for beginners, who are learning the initial riding skills. The tapering deck helps beginners to understand balancing and placing feet techniques better on the board. 
  • They also have a leading point of having a dashing and stylish look.
  • Due to flexibility they are comfortable to cruise leisurely at slow speeds.
  • Being less stable, they also made me learn the basics about turning carefully.


  • Lack multiple riding styles. Not quite multipurpose and mostly allow slow carving only.
  • Being narrow and top mount, they have less room for standing and less stability.
  • Not so concave hence your feet don’t feel stable and secure on them. Hence, not good for riding downhill and sliding faster.
  • Being top mount, pushing them off with your foot takes much energy. Which in turn applies pressure on your hips, knees, and back so they may get hurt on long-distance rides.


  • Offers more riding techniques. Hence, most riders switch to drop throughs as they get to know about new riding techniques.
  • Incredible stability due to its lower center of gravity. This builds on confidence in faster rides.
  • Wider deck and concave shape lock your feet in and help secure safer rides and hence, aids performing sliding and technical movements.
  • Some drop throughs also have kicktails. I use them for urban exploration without the fear of traffic or obstacles.
  • Allows commuting over long distances, unlike the pintails. It’s easy to ride longer when your feet are near the ground.
  • Portable – You can easily put the board into your arm once you reach your school or workplace.
  • Bit problematic while taking acute turns due to the lowered deck.
  • Less grip in comparison with pintail because of having more concavity. 
  • Designed for higher speed. Takes time for beginners to get used to.

Now let’s elucidate things a little bit more to bring you close to your final decision. But before being ready to make the decision, you must keep in mind whether you want pleasure from calm smooth cruising. Or you want fun with excitingly speedy rides.


Riding downhill? – Go For Drop Through

If you are a speed lover or a person fond of adventure, you will surely be addicted to the incredibly fast and balanced rides of the drop through. If you live in hilly terrain and love going downhill, its lowered center of gravity will make your rides super fast. The amazing balance will make you go like a whirlwind even on lumpy stony paths. 

Surfing/cruising on flat surfaces? – Grab a Pintail

If you are that chill rider who likes cool cruising on flat grounds, then pintail is your pick. As it is a top mount, it assists greatly in taking sharp cuts without the fear of having a wheelbite.

Its regular pintail shape plays a major role in making deep carving much easier. The flexibility in the board soaks up the resistive force confronted by your ankles while carving. It also goes well with board dancing.

Long way pusher? – GET a Drop Through

If you are a discoverer who has a fondness for exploring different areas of a city, you should choose drop through. It makes long-distance rides trouble-free by its lowered deck. It is an expert in giving smooth swift rides.

Short distance shuttling? – Pintail should be the choice

To commute from your house to school or office, a pintail would be the best ride. It is easy to take around the town for short distance traveling. You will not regret buying it for a more stylish cruising experience.

Freeride sliding? – Pick out Drop Through

Drop through can help you get into sliding in no time. It has a very small distance between the deck and the ground which adds to the stability while having power slides. The concavity of the deck gives you a wonderful balance and confidence while having deep slides

Going fast on steep slopes? – Drop Through is the choice

Thanks to the lower center of gravity of the drop through deck which makes your rides more stable. This also helps maximize speed even on the sharpest of slopes. The lowered concave style of this beast locks your feet in and allows you to kick out fast on sloped areas.

Points to be considered before choosing one

Before deciding which longboard you are going for, you must ponder over some questions. Are you a newbie or an experienced rider? How much do you know about different riding skills? Have you learned the basics and are you ready to go faster? What is your purpose for riding? Do you want to try different tricks?

Or do you just want to cruise around the town smoothly? Are you looking for commuting to longer distances or shorter distances? Answering all these questions will make you reach your final decision.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have thoroughly explained which type of rider should buy which longboard, this must be a cinch for you to decide between these two. Both have their pros and cons.

In essence, if you want to do mellow cruising along with learning basic skills on a good-looking longboard, you should buy a pintail. If you want to do freeriding or flatland tricks along with commuting to distant places, you should go for the versatile drop through longboard. Happy Boarding!