How to clean longboard

For longtime perfect rides, buying an excellent longboard and having exceptional riding skills are just not enough. Regular cleaning and maintenance of longboard and its different components are also crucial. A longboard lasts long when it is taken good care of. Its lifetime will be increased and it will give smooth swift rides. 

But unfortunately, most beginners don’t know much about the cleaning and lubricating methods and the parts which are to be cleaned. We are giving a brief account of all the answers to your questions about the cleaning process of Longboards. Cleaning a longboard is not rocket science and everyone can do it by just using some skate tools and a cleaning solvent. These methods are applicable on both longboard skateboards and longboard surfboards. Here you go!

How to clean longboard deck?

A deck is vulnerable to damage if it is subject to water or extreme sunlight repeatedly. Cracks may appear after continuous exposure to wet roads and intense sun heat can weaken them. I am used to keeping my board in a cool place indoors, away from any moisture when not in use. Also, I dry it every time it gets wet after riding. This prevents it from getting cracked easily.

Cleaning longboard deck

For cleaning the deck:

You need to remove the trucks on both sides first because they will hinder your way of cleaning the deck. For this, turn over your board. I mostly use a wrench to remove the nut between the wheels. Now loosen the trucks by twisting them and take them off the board.

  • Take water in a bucket and add a substantial amount of any soap or detergent to it. Mix it well. Now use a taut brush to clean the surface of the grip tape with the cleaning mixture. I use a nylon brush. You can also use a grip tape eraser or a toothbrush depending on the availability. Remove the dust and stains by rubbing in circular motions.
  • Take a clean sponge and immerse it in water. Now remove the remainder soapy mixture from the board. Flip the board and cleanse the other side of the deck to ensure that you eradicate all the debris and grime. Try not to rinse the metal parts of the board while performing this procedure. But if they get wet accidentally, dry them off immediately.
  • Pat the board with a dry towel to remove all the moisture. Don’t use tissue paper or paper towels as they will jumble up on the deck.
  • After doing this, place it in a dry location for 3-4 hours to make sure that it is completely dry.
  • When dried, fix the trucks back with a wrench.

Clean longboard bearings

If your wheels are producing creaking noise and are not spinning smoothly, it indicates corrosion or blockage in the bearings. For making you run faster, they need frequent cleaning, especially if you ride in wet or gritty areas. I clean my bearings by the following steps:

  • Unfasten the wheel from the axle. Then put the wheel on the axle to take out the bearing from the wheel.
  • Now carefully squeeze a screwdriver or a pin under the rubber or plastic shield of the bearing until you draw out the shield.
  • Soak the bearings in a cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol in a container to remove all the dirt and filth. I use acetone as my cleaning solution. You can also use kerosene or some citrus cleaner with lemon juice. Cover the container and agitate it well. Keep on shaking until all the grime and grease are removed.
  • Take out the bearings from the container and place them on a dry piece of cloth. Blow air on them by using a hairdryer set on high. Dry them completely. 
  • Hold the bearings carefully as they may be hot. Using a pipette, pour some lubricating oil specifically designed for longboard bearings. Place it drop by drop until you grease the bearings fully. Lubricants add to the longevity of the bearings and help the wheels roll faster.
  • Place the rubber or metal shield back on the bearing.
  • Insert the bearings back into the wheels and position the wheels to the axle.

Sometimes the board doesn’t give smooth swift rides even after thorough cleaning of the bearings. In such a case, replacing the bearings with new ones will definitely work.

Clean The wheels

Cleaning longboard wheels

Even if you are riding on an expensive board with top-quality wheels, they may also get dirty over time. Thus, every type of wheel needs thorough cleaning once in a while for ensuring efficient rides. If the wheels remain covered with filth, they may be permanently damaged or rusted. This will deteriorate the efficacy of rides. So to avoid bumpy rides, we highly recommend you clean them every time after cruising on grubby paths.

We are quoting here the simplest way to clean your wheels:

  • By using a skate tool, detach the wheels from your board. For this, pull out the axle nuts from the center of the wheels. Now take out the wheels. 
  • After removing the wheels, we suggest drawing out the bearings and other components from the wheels. This will facilitate the cleaning process.
  • Take a washcloth or a towel and scrub the wheels to get rid of large particles of debris and grit.
  • Now fill a bucket with warm water and add some soap or any washing liquid. Mix it well and dip the wheels in it. This will assist in removing smaller dust particles.
  • A sponge can be used to wipe out any dirt left. I sometimes use a toothbrush to clean small areas which came out to be much more effective. So it is highly recommended.
  • Next, use a drying towel or cotton cloth to dry the wheels entirely.
  • Lastly, reattach your glowing wheels and bearings back to the board. They will now give the best looks and will function optimally.

If your wheels are causing trouble for a long time and are not giving their best even after cleaning, you may need to replace them. Swapping the wheels with one another time and again is also necessary. This is done to ensure that they don’t bend on the same side in the habitual shape they turn into every time while riding on the same path.

Bottom Line

Longboards are prone to blemishing if not cleaned frequently. The cleaning of different components of a longboard is as easy as pie. If you want your longboard to appear in a perfect unused condition, you just need to follow the guidance that I have given.

Enjoy riding your fresh and shinny longboard!

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