After getting into the longboarding, every rider wants to ride faster on his longboards but they fail, not knowing the right actions and steps to go faster. You may be one of them who find it difficult to increase the speed, but we can make it a piece of cake for you.

We have precisely summed up several simple Ways and tricks to ride faster on longboard based on our own experiences and different longboarders’ reviews. Also, you should be familiar with some basic knowledge if you want to speed up which we are providing along with the suggestions.

So, Here’s my review on how to ride faster on Longboard..!

Use Harder and Bigger wheels

How to rider faster on longboard stress testing best wheels
Tested hard wheels to increase riding speed

Wheels play a crucial function in the speed of your longboard. If you want an improvement in the performance of your longboard you should try changing the wheels – here’s why:

  • Larger wheels are preferred because they cover more distance in one turn as compared to smaller ones and maintain good momentum, just enough to provide a high top speed. They also experience less friction and roll much more. Bigger wheels work well on small obstacles and cracks and help to ride faster even on uneven surfaces. 
  • Harder wheels (82A or more) should be used to improve speed because they don’t compress much on bumps and jolts preventing speed drop due to loss of momentum. They give the best results on smooth grounds, however, on rough surfaces, the speed may be compromised. If you ride on rough surfaces you should go for softer wheels(75A-78A) that have greater grip and recoil.
  • Wheel core adds to the hardness of wheels so a larger core lessens the compression and helps to run faster. 

Hence, taking into consideration all the fors and againts, it would be best to get large-sized, medium-hard wheels with a medium-sized core so that they can give swift and smooth rides even on lumpy paths. Urethane should be of good quality with a high rebound. 

  • You can go for the orangutan or the 70 mm president for a better experience. 
  • The seismic 78a, 75mm tall alphas also speeded up our rides considerably when we tried them. 
  • You can also buy the purple 83a versions of orangutan durians, they made our longboard roll much faster.

Cleaning up and lubricating the bearings

Lubricate bearings to ride faster

Time to time maintenance of a longboard is necessary for better performance that’s why bearings should be cleaned and lubricated every so often. By using longboards on wet muddy paths, dirt may be collected in your bearings which may affect the speed of your longboard. 

You just have to take some measures to clean your bearings to ensure optimum performance even with high speeds. Unscrew and pull out the wheels and take out the bearings. Now clean up the dust on the bearings with a duster and rinse it in a cleaning liquid or spirit. Dry out the bearings and lubricate them using a silicon lubricant. Fix the bearings and wheels back on the board.

Upgrading the bearings

Even on cleaning from time to time, the bearings may sometimes create an issue in speeding up if they are of low quality. In such a case, they need up-gradation especially if they start screeching. The top-quality bearings are manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. Certain brands always use good quality materials in manufacturing. We had a great experience using the zealous bearings which is a well-known brand and is economical too.

If you have a high budget you can buy Bons Swiss 6 competition bearings which will prove best in all aspects. Ceramic bearings have special heat-reducing features that help in enhancing the speed, but the drawback is that they are more frangible and costly.

Bons Swiss 6 bearings to ride better on longboard

Brands generally use the ABES rating system which is irrespective of the quality and speed they offer; thus you cannot get an idea about the speed just by looking up the ratings. However, the brand must be taken into account before buying bearings as some brands always use High-quality materials in their products which will allow you to boost up your speed. We have witnessed that Reds, zealous, and tektons mostly produce good quality bearings 

What to do with the axle nuts and trucks to speed up

  • If you are still feeling a drop in your longboard speed, the reason maybe the axle nuts being too tight to allow your wheels to rotate freely. Loosening them slightly will improve their spinning. But you should be careful that they don’t become too loose to come out of the axle leading to a mishap.
  • If the wheels are spinning satisfactorily and still you feel difficulty in speeding it up due to the unevenness, you should try tightening up the trucks. This will allow you to balance and attain the same speed even after wobbling.

Role of aerodynamics in speed

Aerodynamics plays an important role in determining the speed of riding as it helps in dealing with air resistance. The typical tuck position of the professional longboarders is an effective way to lower the center of gravity and decrease the surface area of the body in contact with air. So it will be a herculean task for the air to slow down your speed.

For getting into a position like this you just have to bend at your hip and then bring your chest close to the knees. This will assist you to increase the speed to as much as 20mph while going downhill.

Improvement in riding

The balance and confidence of a longboarder while riding make a big difference when it comes to speed. For building up confidence in your riding skills, try braking at higher speeds. This will allow you to maintain an ideal balance, and after practicing it several times you will finally be able to learn how to maintain a perfect balance. Bumps and wobbles can be dealt by exerting more weight on the front trucks while coming across them.

  • Protective gear like a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and gloves should be used to raise the confidence level and minimize the chances of accidents.

Choosing the right surfaces to ride

The surface you ride on matters a lot when it comes to having faster rides.

  • In general, the steeper the surface would be, the faster you will be able to go despite the roughness and coarseness of the path. Hence, riding downhills will considerably increase the speed.
  • To be specific, smoother roads will provide lightning-fast speed. But if you have uneven, bumpy surfaces with lots of obstacles and stones to ride on, you have to go for softer and bigger wheels because the pebbles and coarseness of the path may slow down your pace. In such cases, 75mm+ wheels would work best. 
  • Moreover, one should use a straight line as his riding track rather than moving side to side. This will reduce the distance to be covered and helps in attaining greater speeds.
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