13 Best Longboard Brands 

Longboarding is not an ordinary sport, and for you to be a skilled skater you must select the right board of the right brand. 

But how to find one?

Don’t worry we have crafted out a list that is going to help you to find the best longboard brand that’s made just for you! Get that adrenaline rush, feeling like cruising in the breeze, maximum fun, and speed with your perfect longboard.

You will find our top selections for the greatest longboard brands right ahead. The list has some names that you might already know, as well as some other names which influence longboarders. Let’s begin with the first on our list which is Landyatchz!

Quick Summary

1. Best for premium longboards Landyachtz

“Premium and High Quality long boards contains all the popular shapes of longboards inlcuding flip tail, drop deck, cut-out and a lot more”

2. Best colorful decksSanta Cruz

“High quality long boards with vivid colors decks and prominent outlines – Pros like Justin Soomer and Blake Johnston have been using their boards”

3. Best handcrafted longboard Bustin

“Handcrafted longboards with huge array of boards for various riding styles. Also known for smooth ride, good flex and stability”

4. Best Luxury boards – Arbor

“Best luxury boards with lowest possible price. They care very much about environment hence using recycled bio-urethane and good quality woods”

5. Best Robust constructionApollo

“German brand with a speciality of high quality bamboo and fibreglass construction of longboards”

6. Best for multiple riding styles Sector 9

“Known for their boards best fit for multiple riding styles like cruising, downhill, commuter and freestyle boards and more. Also known for vibrant colors and creative designs.”

7. Best environment friendly longboardComet

“High quality boards built keeping in mind the environment with soft and large wheels. They aim towards waste free manufacturing”

8. Best High Quality with low priceAtom

Offers low priced yet high quality longboards. Launched in 2005 which began with quest longboards and quickly became a renowned brand.

9. Best for New ridersRayne

Collaborated with best skaters of the world to create the best products. Their longboards have been used in world cup races and other free ride championships.

10. Best for multiple riding stylesZenit

With Canadian maple and fiberglass sheets, Zenit are designed for some decent performance.

11. Best for PriceLoaded Boards

Life time warranty is one of the best thing along with the quality of their products.

12. Best Deck variationsGlobe

Known for their magnificent artwork and more than 22 different deck variations

13. Best for TricksPantheon

Longboards with a wide range of designs and cut-outs designed for variety of tricks and freeriding”

1. Landyachtz

high quality land Yachtz longboard

Isn’t it when we hear the word “Yacht” that the first thing that comes to our mind is luxury and of high quality? This is what Landyachtz is all about offering premium and high-quality longboards. 

They have been in the Business since 1997 and what else can we expect from someone this old in the industry other than premium quality? It is a British-based company in Vancouver and provides 12 months of warranty to its customers. 

Landyachtz selection is incredibly exciting and contains all the popular shapes and cuts including pintail, flip tail, drop-deck, cut-out as well as artistic series. Micheal Perreten and Thomas Edstrand started this company to improve the turning and riding speed of the longboards. They were the first to try lowering the boards.

They are the pioneers of drop-down boards as they tested out parking the trucks on the deck’s higher level which turned out to be a good invention. Though their longboards are a bit pricey ranging from $200-$350 but the quality they are giving at this price is unmatched.

2. Santa Cruz


The second on our list is Santa Cruz. They have been in the business since 1973 and have grown enormously since then. How did it all begin? Three friends Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, and Doug Haut founded Santa Cruz.

Their specialty is hidden in their decks which grabs the skater’s attention because of their vivid colors and prominent outlines. Not only this but some of their boards are also ridden by pros like Justin Soomer and Blake Johnston.

Their cruiser boards come in pin tail, wheel cut-out, and kick tail forms, with lengths ranging from 32 inches to 39 inches. However, larger boards of 40-42 inch decks are not available. Many of its boards have the company’s screaming hand imprinted, as well as neon wheels.

Santa Cruz longboards range from $135 to $200 having great visuals and a variety of riding styles and cut-outs. 

3. Bustin


The brand has a huge array of boards to fit a variety of riding styles. They are designed with meticulous attention to detail and provide riders with statistics to assist them in finding their ideal ride. 

The Bustin boards first opened its doors in 2001 in New York. They sell high-quality electric and push longboards. One of its specialties is that most of the companies opted for mass-produced boards, Bustin on the other hand, handcrafts their longboards

Bustin boards are said to have a smooth ride and a good flex, as well as a stable feel from the rails and a moderate drop. It also offers a 90-180 day warranty, depending solely on the type of board you are purchasing.

The price of their longboard starts from $220. Moreover, you will find numerous distinct types of longboards in its inventory such as pintail, drop-through, and many more built for different types of skaters. 

4. Arbor


Arbor is a longboarding brand that takes the environment and skating hand in hand. Bob Carson founded Arbor in the late 1990s, and it was once known as the “Hippy Brand”. Being ecologically responsible and proactive is a must nowadays, and Arbor has an advantage because it has been doing so for over 25 years.

Arbor didn’t start with a skateboard company, its early goods were for outdoor sports like snowboarding. It shifted to longboards when they creatively put wheelbases on snowboards for the sunny season. 

Arbor aims to provide luxury skateboards at the lowest possible price. They use bio-urethane, recycled materials, and good-quality sourced wood in their skateboarding range. In its collection, you will find some pretty cool-looking natural timber decks with smart artwork and earthy shades.

You can get a selection of graphics on pintail and cut-out types for roughly $130 to $230

5. Apollo


Apollo is a cologne-based German brand. Though it is well known for its professional scooters, They also have a considerable longboard range. Its inventory includes a variety of tribal and interplanetary motifs screen printed on bamboo and fiberglass.

You can also get their maple boards in a variety of thicknesses for added versatility. Their longboards range from 36 inches to 43 inches and offer both pintail and wheel cut-out versions.

The best part about these longboards is their quality construction that uses Bamboo, Fibreglass, and Bamboo which gives them a finished look. You can get their made-in Germany boards for $100 to $140.  

6. Sector 9

Sector 9 trust worthy longboard brand FOR CARVING

Sector 9 is another great longboard brand that combines the natural beauty of wood with vibrant colors and creative patterns. The brand encourages skaters to SMASH IT by emphasizing honesty and bravery in all they do. 

The company was founded in 1993 when Steve Lake, Dennis Telfer, Dave Klimkiewicz, and Tal O’Farrell started constructing their skateboards. It is known best for its carving longboards, but they also provide a wide range of cruising, downhill, commuter, and freestyle boards.

You can also acquire one for $150 to $220. They maintain their position at the top via ongoing effort, exceptional customer service, and dedication. 

7. Atom


Atom is one of the well-known brands and is recognized among riders for its price that not only offers affordable range but also finished products with great quality. Although its a relatively new brand in the market launched in 2005 However, they began with their quest longboards.

However, this single type of longboard didn’t stop them from becoming a top brand. They quickly became well-known among riders for their quality.

Though they are relatively less pricey than other brands, it does not imply that the quality has suffered. They expertly balance the issue of maintaining high quality with reasonable pricing. With atom, you can get drop deck, pintail, and drop through styles which are one of their best-selling items. 

8. Comet


Comet was founded by Jason Salfi in 1997. It creates roaming boards and varieties of longboards. They are handmade in California and take influence from the land, with softer, and larger wheels than others.

If you are more into nature then this should be your choice as their longboards are built with the environment in mind. They use environmentally friendly components and aim toward a waste-free manufacturing method. 

If you’re only interested in the ride and not the destination, Comet is made just for you! Tough they are a bit pricey ranging from $275 to $645 for this price they give you exceptionally sleek, and artistic design.

9. Rayne


Rayne is another Canadian high-end longboarding brand. They began their voyage in 2004 in Vancouver. Their main concept is that a good product does not require an introduction and will sell itself and that’s what the case is with Rayne. They also collaborate with some of the world’s best skaters to create a variety of boards that match the user’s needs. 

With their excellent crafting, the longboards have been utilized in World Cup races and other freeride competitions. This implies the quality they are giving is unmatchable. If you are new to longboarding you must go for their products as they are worth the investment.

10. Zenit


Zenit longboards are designed to help you with some high-level performance. They are dedicated to producing the best freeride, downhill, and cruising longboards. Zenit’s boards are made to perform at the greatest level with the Canadian maple and fiberglass sheets that are used in the deck’s construction. 

You can easily get their longboards starting from more or less $100 only. With this price range, the riders can get a variety of forms and patterns in the construction of the deck. 

11. Loaded Boards 


Loaded boards were founded in 2000 in Culver City, California. They first started with the aim of recreating the sense of snowboarding and surfing. A few years after this idea, they established themselves as one of the greatest longboard brands on the market. 

One of the best things about loaded boards is they provide a lifetime warranty to the original owner. If you buy one of their brands and it doesn’t live up in terms of material integrity or construction quality, they will replace it.

Also, their boards are constructed with high-quality components which makes them pricey. You can perform many tricks with their boards as the brand has created different styles of longboards to meet the needs of different riders.

12. Globe


Globe was invented by 3 brothers Stephen, Matt Hill, and Peter in the mid-1990s. The company moves with the motto of “contemporary explorers of the globe“. It is based in Austria and offers magnificent artwork and 22 different deck variations.

In its inventory, you will find pintail and cut-out models that are suitable for both cruising and freestyle riders. Most of them are for $160 to $220 made up of Canadian maple.

13. Pantheon

Pantheon is an exemplary illustration of a company that is committed to continuous improvement. It specializes in high-end longboards with a wide range of designs and cut-outs. You can use their boards for a variety of tricks and freeriding. 

Riders can choose their favorite longboard from a wide range of boards having artistic graphics and designs on decks. Not only that, the company offers decks in a variety of shapes for the convenience of their consumers.